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Hi guys,

I’m currently building my first TC 11 and plan to get to TC 13 for 3 & 4* heroes (I currently only have like 5-6 3*s)…

Now, my Mines are at lvl 10, all my farms at lvl 4 as well as my watchtower.

The storages get upgraded on a need-to basis to upgrade the SH and the research.

Since the iron costs grow exponentially, I’m wondering if I should bother to upgrade my mines and farms as I go along or if that’s not really worth it? I’m also considering upgrading my watchtower more. I check the game quite frequently, so I guess I would gather quite a lot of resources, and I wouldn’t mind getting attacked and having my cups lowered, as I currently only have a 1600-Team…

Currently my plan is to get the SH to 12, then work on the iron storage and wait to get enough iron to get to SH 13 where I’d then upgrade my third TC all the way to 13 and research lvl 13.
From there I might want to upgrade my food storage and food production a bit and slowly make my way up to TC 20.

I just don’t know if it’s worth to upgrade anything else or if I should just wait it out and gather as much iron as I can from farming 9-1 and raiding…

I do have the second builder, and currently my only limiting factor is iron.

When I was in that stage, i did level up farms and mines also. Since iron is key component for upgrading buildings, it doesn’t go on wrong If you upgrade mines also :slight_smile:


You could consider upgrading stuff when you get to tc13. Buildings except of forge (storages, farm, mine, house, watchtower). That would make your progress towards tc20 easier.


I always upped my farms first after the stronghold, then the mines and then the watchtower. Without recources you’ll get stuck for a very long time.


Personnaly i like to developp all. For most of buildind you need mines so it is better to developp them

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Thanks guys for your replies.

It’s what I kind of suspected. But I wasn’t sure if the ROI is worth to spend so much iron and food on upgrading the buildings as the costs keep growing for a small increase in production…

But right now it’s just kind of a waiting game for resources. :confused:

Hello everyone,
It is waiting game.
Personally, i keep all storages at SH level, the mines im thinking to keep them at level 17, the farms are at 13 and i dont have a problem keeping the food storage mostly full, the houses can store (level 9 )100 recruits which in my case is sufficient. I use TC11 for storage of recruits. The others buildings get updated whenever i take a break fron SH leveling.
Thank you.
Have fun.

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This question comes up often. My current advice.



My advice to newer players is to keep dumping recruits in TC4 or TC11 as many as you can trust me you are going to need those feeders especially if you get a 5*.
I’m going through that right now needing feeders :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


My advice early on for VIP players with two builders is to upgrade iron and ham storages to the minimum needed to keep upgrading your stronghold and researching TC or Forge levels you need/want.

Iron limits your stronghold growth (and crafting, but that is secondary), so if you lack the iron to keep both your builders busy, upgrade a mine when a builder is idle.

Ham limits a lot of things … AND can be stored for later (you can use a few million ham in a day if you have it when TC19 comes online!) so I always upgraded my farms first, right after building anything new that is allowed when you unlock more of the fortress.

Besides that, I found that upgrading two forges for battle items I wanted to craft, one considerably lower than the first and neglecting the remaining ones was a good initial plan, maybe taking more to 5 to put advanced buildings on top of them.

Priority was getting all TCs to 11 about as fast as I could and trying to have 1 ready to hit 19/20 as soon as I could after my stronghold hit those levels. If you are desperate for 4* heroes, use TC13 as soon as you can.

Houses are lowest priority if you have capacity to load your TCs (102 needed for TC20), since recruits are better stored in TC11 (or TC4) than in houses.


If you don’t have VIP, I understand that iron storages need to keep up with your stronghold or you will overflow during long builds. Otherwise it is the same.

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