Advice for leveling buildings

SH is @17, WT@16, Craft 8 & 10, Troops 3, Houses 3@10, Farms 8@12, mines 4@16, iron storage 2@15, 2@14 and 1@13, food storage 2@15 and 1@14. Should I save iron to increase SH to 18 or level up other buildings?

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Do you have VIP and a second builder? What level is your TCs

Yes I have 2nd builder. Sorry TC are @10, 11 and 14

IMO… depends if you are F2P or P2P player. If you are F2P I would go SH first then TC then Craft. Where as if you are P2P you go SH then craft then TC.
Get Mine storage to 18 for now to get to SH 20

For future. Iron storage will be to 20 since they will come out with SH 21… wait and wait and wait

Sorry I have only been playing just shy of 3 months not sure what F2P and P2P mean

either you pay to play or play for free. normally it will take you to sh 20 in 4-5 months anyway.

@_John_Doe did a great job documenting his journey… Enjoy

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In my honest opinion, if you are pushing for SH20 and therefore TC20 for the chance of 5* hero, I would try to keep your SH and One TC at the same level. That will mean you need iron so you must keep upgrading the mines and iron store. Good luck

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Thank you, upgrading storage and mine now

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