What buildings should i level up?

I purposely forced at least 1 building of each to level 20, (mostly to get the mission gems and to craft and train). Now, i am somewhat stumped.
Should i complete housing? Storage units? Farms? Mines?
The only building i do not have to level 20 is the Watchtower.
Currently, i am working on the houses, but any opinions or suggestions would be helpful.

Farms mines watchtower storages

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Storages and training camps, then farms, mines, and watchtower, then forged, houses and barracks

I would definitely follow Rigs order. First mine/farm and then storage

What benefits are there to raising mines up, if i am not burning up the iron i have now? Takes days to level up and iron just sits there.
Food i understand, training and such. Nut why mines?


20 characters…

You will need lots of irons to forge items, like bomb, axes, arrows etc for events and Titan attacks


There are many factors to consider. For example, are you F2P/C2P or P2W?

  • If you are F2P and don’t have many 5* heroes, then get a second and maybe even third and fourth TC up to level 20.
  • If you already have a lot of good 5* heroes and need feeder heroes, it’s okay to have three TCs at level 11 (with occassionaly doing uncommon (2), fast (3) and super-fast (19) training to get the maximum of feeder heroes) but you’ll need tons of food, which means you should get your farms and watchtower up.
  • If you rely heavily on battle items or if you have V.I.P and, therefore, two builders, you might need more iron and should prioritize the mines.

Just figure out what is most important for you at the moment (and in the next few weeks or so) and set your priorities accordingly :wink:

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