Why are the wait times so long in this game?

Hello everyone, Zephyr 1,
Interesting thread.
Now my 2 cents.
Yes the wait time get a little long, but there is a lot of other things to do, so it goes by fairly quickly, that said if the new buildings goes into months and year, that silly. I personally would consider not putting them up.
IRL my friends with consoles allways buy new games because they finish them within a month. I lke the fact that this game will keep me entertain for a long time.
This game is NOT for everyone definitely.
It is a slow grind.
Thank you for your time.
Have fun.


But SG did a good job.

They add in rewards that you get stuff from time to time just to grant you enough motivation to keep playing…after some days/weeks may be. It’s a very narrow path that you don’t want to leave…either it gets too easy and boring if progress is too fast or too frustrating if it is too slow.


Don’t mean to sound silly but by 6 months (or even before ) you could get lv20 stronghold and LV 20 TC if you build daily and have resources.

Initially the game make makes everything seem to take long esp around TC /stronghold 11-20, but after you reach - you’ll have maxed food/iron daily and your farms/mines don’t even need to be near maxed.

Also SG purposely has the time limit so in case people (like yourself) can’t wait - spending gems or cash for VIP will shorten everything.


BALANCE & PATIENCE is the key.
Everyone idea of balance is not the same
@yelnats_24 I agree with you in the beginning wait times seem like an eternity but after 6 months so many different characters to level it’s not funny. Feeders I can’t even keep up.
This is a free game and in order to get new content they need to make money. BALANCE. This is why I feel there’s an option to speed things up with gems. I don’t agree but it is reality.
Me I’m a realist I’m happy people are funding the game. You have to keep them happy for them to spend money and people that are not spending have time to spend. We get more content & the game keeps living on this way.
I’m C2P so I can’t spend with the big guys. You have to have TIME & PATIENCE to play this game or very deep pockets to pay your way ahead of everyone else.


Or they will just stop playing the game.

There should be an option for all types of people IMO. No one will spend 3 times the amount of gems to skip a hero when you can buy the same hero or better for way less.

Msybe some things are fair, but others arent

I’ve played faster games, got bored & moved on. I’ve played simpler games and found this game in an in-game ad. It was 6 months before I got to TC20. While I waited, I got better at the game, found a great alliance, got involved on the forum, and studied strategies. I learned the names & skills of a myriad of heroes & learned how to fight against them. It will be a year in August & I feel I am just scratching the surface. This game wouldn’t be - isn’t - as deep & wide if you play it fast. No one has that quick a learning curve. It’s like giving a 7 year-old a Lamborghini. They will appreciate it on one level, but not the same way a 16, 21, or 40 year old will … Depth is good. Time gives you a chance to study the depth of the game. Study and you have a chance to be a brilliant player when you get there instead of crashing all the time…



Longest I’ve ever played a mobile game, by far. I like having goals and feeling like I’m working towards something. I spent at the beginning, and ended up with a bottleneck of heroes I had no way to ascend…….now I rarely spend, and actually enjoying the game even more now that I am taking the time to learn and grow my teams.

Everyone looks for something different from a game, and no one game is going to satisfy every person…but this one has held my attention and been enjoyable for me for well over a year now.


No game can accomodate all players. None.

I’ve been in the gaming hobby since the early 1980’s involved in playing and playtesting all sorts of game genres in various formats. People have different preferences, and there is no game that everyone likes, so when you have a game idea, you want to make it something you want to make, and that while it will appeal to a large enough base to get them to try it, you are hoping that it gets a core following.


You better quit the game now. The game is becoming more and more frustrating day by day.
Nothing will change and everything will be the same next year and the year after.
You don’t will have much 5* heroes maybe 2 or 3 if you’re really lucky. Spending money on this game would be really stupid.
Protect yourself and quit now.

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why should i quit lol , i am fine with current situation , go quit by yourself :-1:


Like i said before, i do like the game, but some things take way longer then they should (not all things) like tc 12 for example.

Why shoukd this take the same amount of time to make a hero then tc 20 even though it would probbaly take a few more months to get to tc20.

Sometimes i just want to play the game and i cant because its a waiting game instead. Could the devs add some sort of training mode or something where we can play against clan mates.

Might make the waiting times not feel so bad if we could do things while we are waiting maybe if they arent going to change any.

But i still think adding a faster builder option would make the game better. Maybe it shouldnt work for some things but could work for others as well ?

I agree with you on wait time and another mode to have something to do but unfortunately this is a free game and they need money to keep it going. So buying gems to finish buildings & training is their way of making money. PATIENCE fellow gamer is the key.


You’ll have to consider if the waiting times are suitable for you, before thinking of spending money.

Maybe you like the mechanics of the game, the adventures, the heroes.

But be careful, the game IS LONG, and the waiting times ARE VERY LOOOOOONG.

So you have 2 options, try to stick with this game and fight in levels, raids, titans while you wait, or move to a faster game.

Spoiler: Level 20 stronghold takes 7 days to be upgraded. Are you prepared to wait that time?

Thats crazy hey i wonder how long stronghold 21 is going to be then

Must of this strategy games takes pacience and time expecially when leveling up the buildings not only this games but all the others starting to believe that must of you players never played strategy games you think 7 days is to much??? Try to play Call Of Sparta, Clash Of Clans, and many others

Super Builder

I would be very surprised by this.

VIP Pass already lets you substantially shorten build times.

But I would also be surprised if you have to reach level 10 on all Advanced buildings to unlock Academy. You do not need all Level 20 buildings to start Legendary training ( linky, linky )

Knowledge is power

I think the non modified RNG - no mercy timer - and long build times are core design concepts. It is one of the reasons I want more 3* hero uses. #AllAboutThe3*

Just like I do not need all 4* heroes to have a 4*+15 in each class. I have been playing since 2017-September and still do not have 4* Cyprian. So completing a roster seems a long term goal.

But building has always been a short term goal. The new base expansion appears to be the equivalent of adding “Buildings of the Month” to the game. It appears to be a way to consume iron, forcing players to strategize ( battle items? harpoons? building? emblem use? troops - fingers crossed - etc. ), and keep 1-2 builders busy for as long as possible with diminishing returns, but still returns, for a long time.

Catch up

Shards and Trade will do a lot to help this. Emblems and Lodge already help. Proteus 4*+17 with 5x Hurricanes will also help against 9* rare titans. Not as much as Hel 5*+15 with Ariel 5*+15 and Alberich 5*+15 but a lot easier, and quicker, to get ( where are you my second 5* healer? )

Short term this will suck.

One reason I suggested the Harpoon Locker ( which I only give a 1 in 365 chance of being implemented).

Also one reason I set up a vacation ready base, so I can take short breaks from the game when it becomes ragey.

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Here’s my take on things:

I’ve only been playing for about 2-3 weeks, and am currently building SH 13.
I do have the VIP for the second builder to make things go faster, and they do.

Sure, the wait times can be frustrating at times… But for me it’s not really about the build times but about the time it takes go gather all the materials needed to upgrade your buildings.

But, I’m kind of okay with it… It’s just not the type of game you can master within weeks or months.

Now, if you did some research and some calculations you would’ve figured out that TC 12 is a bad idea. You shouldn’t even have researched it, and moved from TC 4 straight to TC 13. The wait time is 2 days as well, but at least you get a chance for a 4*…

But never mind that. In the end it won’t matter if you “wasted” time and food for some research… It’ll just be like a few days lost, and that’s nothing in a year or two.

I get your point that things take a very long time, and that you might think that it puts people off. And probably it does. But here’s the thing:
Any FTP Player is a cost for the devs.
It actually costs them more money to have a ton of FTP players than to only cater to a smaller group of players that are willing to invest in this game.
I think that this games playerbase is quite old compared to faster paced games. And older players go to work, thus have more money to spend and are more willing to stick with it and spend quite a lot of money in the span of months and years.

Even if they’d add in those faster or elite builders, you wouldn’t be able to afford them anyways, as they’d make sure it’s only available for the seasoned players.

So, you really have 3 options:

  1. Get VIP and speed things up a little bit
  2. Pay for 2 or 3 10x Pulls and get plenty of 3*+ heroes to not having to worry about TC 12 or 13.
  3. Find a faster paced game that’s similar to this one.

Might not be what you like, but if you want to keep playing this game you better be prepared to wait for a looong time and to be okay with that.

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To help wait times or certain sisuation, we should be able to trade in alliances!!! I do agree it’s long wait but the more you play the more opens up and of your board try figure out the schematic of the board and which way to use your Mana and your heros!!! I’m new and so run outta flags but if you dig a little deeper than just try to win and enjoy your game and get yourself into a pattern you will be ok !!! Or spend your moldy money lol

He perdido 2 miembros de mi alianza por lo tacaño del juego, todos amamos la mecánica, pero las probabilidades y los tiempos son ridículos

Translation - I lost 2 members of my alliance because of the game, we all love the mechanics, but the odds and times are ridiculous.

Sorry to hear that, yeah they odds arnt in everyones favour you can get lucky or get nothing. The times don’t suit everyone in all alliances due to people playing from all over the globe. The way it is sometimes.

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