Why are the wait times so long in this game?

Super Builder

I would be very surprised by this.

VIP Pass already lets you substantially shorten build times.

But I would also be surprised if you have to reach level 10 on all Advanced buildings to unlock Academy. You do not need all Level 20 buildings to start Legendary training ( linky, linky )

Knowledge is power

I think the non modified RNG - no mercy timer - and long build times are core design concepts. It is one of the reasons I want more 3* hero uses. #AllAboutThe3*

Just like I do not need all 4* heroes to have a 4*+15 in each class. I have been playing since 2017-September and still do not have 4* Cyprian. So completing a roster seems a long term goal.

But building has always been a short term goal. The new base expansion appears to be the equivalent of adding “Buildings of the Month” to the game. It appears to be a way to consume iron, forcing players to strategize ( battle items? harpoons? building? emblem use? troops - fingers crossed - etc. ), and keep 1-2 builders busy for as long as possible with diminishing returns, but still returns, for a long time.

Catch up

Shards and Trade will do a lot to help this. Emblems and Lodge already help. Proteus 4*+17 with 5x Hurricanes will also help against 9* rare titans. Not as much as Hel 5*+15 with Ariel 5*+15 and Alberich 5*+15 but a lot easier, and quicker, to get ( where are you my second 5* healer? )

Short term this will suck.

One reason I suggested the Harpoon Locker ( which I only give a 1 in 365 chance of being implemented).

Also one reason I set up a vacation ready base, so I can take short breaks from the game when it becomes ragey.

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