It is worth to put Watchtower on Lv. 20?

Hi everyone,

I am coming to you once again asking for your aid, notably about building infrastructure :school:. My current status is as follows:

  • Stronghold Lv. 20
  • TC20/17/6/5. TC17 is, as we speak, upgraded to TC18.
  • Farms and Mines all at 17 and above, with one of each being 20
  • Iron Storages all at 18
  • Food Storages at 12/13/13/14. One of 13 is upgraded to 14 currently.
  • Barracks and Forges are not important right now.
  • Watchtower Lv 16

It is worth it to push watchtower to 20? I’ve seen on wiki that last watchtower level gets quite substantial boost to production. And that production would be helpful past SH21. The upgrade would need to slightly expand Food Storages (which will be needed anyway for harpoons) and plenty of building time. I have ton of food even while maxing Ranvir so I would like to spend it this way.

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If you have VIP, getting WT to 20 can actually helps your 2nd builder get some work because of a lack of iron.
It might not be a problem for now for you, but once you get to advanced building, it will.

I am a little ahead of you and i am getting my storages to 20, both iron and food. WT is 17, upgrading to 18 as i had no iron and tons of food, so instead of letting my 2nd builder waste his time, i am doing WT.
It is not a priority for me though
But eventually, you want all buildings to 20


For sure.

All farms, mines and the watchtower together don’t even produce enough when maxed.

Storages always only up to the need, production to the max as fast as possible.


Ok thanks guys. I do have VIP and since Iron gets almost all consumed to Storages or something I would like to boost watchtower and all producing buildings, especially since those are relatively cheap and fast to max out (not talking about their advanced version).

I agree—maximize all your producing buildings.

One place I’ve economized is my TC: mine are 20/11/11/11. I mostly get my heroes from gem purchases; I ran TC20 for a while, but now only use the upper levels for TC19. Think hard aboutbwhether you need all those TCs so high.


I found WT upgrading to level 20 gives you more Food and Iron faster then the Mines an hour.


Absolutely, provided you’re around enough to collect it before it gets raided away.


Thanks guys. I don’t get raided that much (currently sitting in Platinum) so that should be not an issue. With Atlantis Rises there will be enough resources (I am planning to blitz to end using the Energy Flask reserves I have) and this night I will get last Food Storage upgrade to be able to stack enough food for Lv 20 WT.

About TC, I would like to do two Legendary Trainings at once, to scramble 5* in colors I am missing, especially since I am accumulating necessary ascend mats. Marjana/Sartana would not hurt. Thorne stay away!

:100: points
My TCs are exactly like that.

I also have only one forge @20 and don’t researched miracle banners.

My houses aren’t maxed, too.

All other buildings should be maxed sooner or later for high efficiency or even have to be maxed to get further.


Sorry for digging out this thread, but similarly to the author of this thread, I was enticed by the numbers on wiki to get my watchtower to level 20, but it seems there is unfortunately an error on wiki regarding watchtower production, because for level 20 it misleadingly shows production with all outposts, while for other levels it shows only base production.