Farm/Mine Upgrade Return On Investment

I agree.

Considering Harpoons are a 5* Battle items that only requires 1* ingredients, they make a very good iron sink.

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5* Titanium shield, and 5* Panacea, only require T1* / T2* rarity parts. Both are also incredibly useful for triple Boss waves. While not as good an iron sink, or food sink, as Harpoons they will consume a lot of my iron, and food, production because they are so versatile.

Titanium shield acts as a perfect armor, and reflects enemy special skills. Really helpful when three bosses fire their specials at once.

Panacea works a a combination of 3x Super Antidote ( 500 HP heal instead of 150 HP
heal ) and a Dragon banner.

Play style


It depends on your play style.

The game is oddly unbalanced after you get Stronghold 12. Diminishing returns are common in endless games like MMO. But returns in Empires drop like the Mariana Trench.

I have found it helps to just be flexible


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