2020 HOTM compared (April,May,June)

Hey guys,

I would like to continue my topic about the 2020 HOTM 2020 HOTM compared (January - April).

Since there were many changes to the game I’m interested:

But let’s start with the main topic:

So we already had the first quarter of the year with Vela :sweat_drops:(January), Jean-François :fire:(February) and Terullia :shamrock:(March)

In the second quarter we have:

-Malosi :sunny: (April):

Malosi Details

-Clarissa :fleur_de_lis::

Clarissa Details

-Raffaele :sweat_drops:(only beta information, thank you @zephyr1 for sharing these Informations) :
Early Information on Raffaele

I would like to start with a comparison between first and second quarter:

Which quater has/had the better hero’s and why?

  • First quarter, because of an specific hotm
  • First quarter, because of the elements (ice/fire/nature)
  • Second quarter ,because of an specific hero
  • Second quarter ,because of the elements (holy,dark, ice)

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Which heros are your favorites until now ?

  • Vela (fast/ice/water/10% critical hits)
  • Jean-Francoise (fast/fire/10% critical hits)
  • Terullia (average/nature/10% critical hits)
  • Malosi (very fast/holy/10% critical hits)
  • Clarissa (very fast/dark/+30% Def)
  • Raffaele ( slow/ice/+30% Def)

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Which one do you got? And did you pull especially for them?

  • Vela: pulled for it
  • Vela: got it ‘by the way’
  • J-F: pulled for it
  • J-F: got it ‘by the way’
  • Terullia: pulled for it
  • Terullia: got it ‘by the way’
  • Malosi: pulled for it
  • Malosi: got it ‘by the way’
  • Clarissa: pulled for it
  • Clarissa: got it 'by the way"
  • Raffaele: pulled for it
  • Raffaele: got it ‘by the way’
  • Don’t have any 2020 HOTM

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Now the second quarter of 2020:

Did you summon just to get a HOTM? For which one?

  • Yes, Malosi
  • Yes, Clarissa
  • Yes, Raffaele
  • Didn’t summon for a special HOTM

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Did you get what you wanted and how many summons were needed ?

  • Yes, up to 10
  • Yes, up to 50
  • Yes , above 50
  • No, up to 10
  • No, up to 50
  • No, above 50
  • Didn’t pull for a special HOTM

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Malosi, Clarissa or Raffaele?

  • Clarissa
  • Malosi
  • Raffaele
  • none of the above

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Feel free to leave a comment about your hero’s and thanks for taking part on the polls :slight_smile:

I will put in more information as soon as they are released!!

If you’re interested you can read these topics about heroes of the month:
HOTM 2019

HOTM 2020 1/4

Atlantis impact on the hotm

I got Vela, Jean Francoise and Malosi, just by the way :slight_smile: but my favourite is Kingston from 2019

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Here my HOTM . I put grimble because he was December .

No tellu , No Malosi

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Yeah but in my first topic, 2020 HOTM compared (January - April), Vela was at place 2 :slight_smile: I like her

@zephyr1 Which HOTM did you get and which ones are your favourite ? :smiley:

These are my HOTMs i got my first one a year after i started to play. I never summon for a Hotm only but im pretty happy when i get one. I got Tellúria in the last hour haha :smiley:
Well, i have only Telluria maxed, so i dont know which is the best yet. But im working on the other ones as well :slight_smile:


@Lexxtarc I think Terullia is not as strong as she was at the beginning. so so it seems like Vela might be the best. Malosi is good, but not that strong, that I would say he’s better than Vela, but way better than Grimble :smiley:

And Clarissa? i think she is really good though i havent seen her in the top teams of ranking

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@Viktory2 That’s funny, because I also got every HOTM very short before the month was over :smiley: Kingston was my first one, and he’s the only one that I’ve completed, but I’m only playing since October

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It just feels awesome when you see “Bonus draw” and there is only 1 hour left :smiley:

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@Lexxtarc I have no idea about Clarissa :confused: but her ability is looking good…

Yeah it’s been exactly like that with Vela, JF and Malosi :smiley:

What I’m missing about the new heroes of the month, is the special ability to increase the Mana speed, like Kingston does…

You need a 3rd option: Pulled for it but all I got was this lousy Prisca


Ha! Votes for the first quarter being the best at 86%! I wonder which Hero they might be referring to…

For me, All 5 HoTM released so far this year would have been a worthy addition to my roster. Raffaele… I don’t know about him. So far, he looks to be the worse of the bunch but at least he is currently still in Beta, so things could change.

I also realised I seem to have much better luck pulling a HoTM when I’m not going for them than when I purposefully try. When I actually try, RNGesus is no where to be found.

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@LogBomb damn now I can’t change it anymore, this would have been the option anyone could use lol :joy::joy:

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@Harlikwen yeah, seems to be the same for me… I never pulled for an HOTM I just got them by using event/Atlantis coins, if you pull especially for one, you won’t get it :smiley:

My first and only Hotm until now is Grazul. I wish i can get another Hotm but it just too hard because mainly i can only do less than 10 single pull a month. Mainly from challange event, costumed portal, and valhalla

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I got Malosi from the Costume Chamber, first HOTM in over a year and a half. Since I prioritize attack in the game I’m glad to get him. Probably be a year and a half before another …

I do like Vela, awesome artwork and great against reds.

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I got Malosi, and 2 of Clarissa (second one showed up today, and I also maxed the first one today).

I haven’t really had enough chance to play with Clarissa to see how I want to organize teams with her. She’s sort of an odd pairing for my usual purples, because of the overlapping Poison with Proteus and Sartana. I find myself a little reluctant to fire Special Skills and waste the DoT.

I’ll figure out where she fits in the coming days, now that I maxed her.

Malosi is useful and fun. He actually has fantastic synergy with my “nope squad” team, focused on Mana control and misdirection: