Best/Favorite Hero of the Month (HOTM) of 2020

Last year I did the same question.
Best Hero of the Month 2019

This year I know was a difficult year for HOTM.
All the drama and nerf and don’t nerf, and all the problems that we had this year with some pretty awkward HOTM.

Who it’s the best it’s a awful question for this year.

So should we go with “favorite”?
My favorites: Vela before all that chaos, Bai Yeong and Glenda with Reuben in 4th place with Malosi, one that I wish I had, but unfortunately I don’t.

Please share your thoughts and vote for the 3 favorites
The best? The worst?
The best and why
The worst and why
Opinions are diverse, I know all of them has some to give, but it’s just for fun, after all it’s the end of the year…
I’m curious

Favorite HOTM 2020
  • Vela
  • Jean François
  • Telluria
  • Malosi
  • Clarissa
  • Raffaelle
  • Noor
  • Zocc
  • Bai Yeong
  • Zulag
  • Glenda
  • Reuben

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I don’t have any of them, but i love killing Telly tanks. And i say Raffaele is the most annoying one of them all, in a good way.


This is a tough one for me as the only two HotM from this year that I have actually levelled are the two who got nerfed… :expressionless:

Telluria and Vela were both at +19 and used in my war defence up until about 1-2 months back. I then replaced Telluria with Heimdall & Vela with Master Lepus (both now +19). Telluria currently is at +0 and warms the bench; vela is at +7 and gets an odd run out in wars… but not often…

I have a most of the others (JF, Malosi, Clarissa, Raf, Zocc, Bai, Zulag & Glenda) but haven’t levelled any of them… I would say tho that the best would have to be Malosi IMO just for his general goodness at shutting down enemy defence teams… I haven’t levelled him in my squad as I don’t really have a spot for him but defs see his potential!

Side note: I have reset & edited your poll @Arthemis, you originally had the settings so people could pick 12 options rather than just 3 as you intended.


Thanks for doing this poll and showing all 12 cards together. :+1:


For anyone who voted, please re-do your votes as I reset the poll :slight_smile:

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These are my favourite HOTMs:

  • VELA: I find her attack debuff to AoE more irritating than before her nerf. She’s the HOTM that gives me more problems when I have to fight against her.

  • RAFFAELE: I know that he isn’t very popular, but for me is a better healer than Vivica.

  • GLENDA: I like her because usually the healers are the one who have the cleanser ability. She gives me the chance to use another combinations in my team.

It’s just a coincidence that I chose the 3 blue HOTM. :sweat_smile:

The worst for me would be:

  • ZULAG: I hate semi healers and I don’t have any problem when I face her.

  • ZOCC: I got him and I haven’t maxed him yet. I find him a bit weak.



Nothing better than punching JF, seeing “blocked” and nothing happens. :grin: Very Fast, and can change the tide of a battle very easily. A great neutralizer of a wide range of opponents.


I only got Zulag this year which has 2 uses - very fast wars on both offense and on defense as tank… (as I have no Kunchen, Ursena and Alfrike). Where I’m gonna use her after I get a better tank? Probably offense in very fast wars, Ninja Tower and that’s it.

If I look at all Hotms of this year, I’d say Malosi, Clarissa are top ones (my votes go for them). JF/Telluria/Vela are still ok despite all the nerfs Tell and Vela had. Rafaelle is good if you don’t have Ariel. Glenda looks most interesting from second half of this year’s Hotms, the rest is kind of meh… but I would take even the meh ones and try to find some usage for them.


I really loved Vela, even now.
Clarissa is also great and Glenda.
But I wish to pull Reuben, he seems very useful.

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Malosi :sob:
Everytime I face him I wish I had him, the critic link it’s also great. And I don’t have either (Malosi/JF).

The next link it’s also great and I got only Noor and Bai.
But the heroes don’t match the greatness of the link.

So my votes:

And Telluria apart from the list.

P.s. this it’s the first batch of HOTM that I tested in beta, so I’m a bit attached to them, even poor Noor.

Bai Yeong was fenomenal in the ninja tower and a Killhare/ Finley/Cobalt missing all it’s all that I need in raids.


My favourite HOTM of 2020 is Reuben. Simpy by default. He’s the only HOTM that I managed to get this year. :laughing:

Worst are Tell and Vela, due to all the drama.


My top 3 (in no order) would be Clarissa, Malosi, and Vela.

Clarissa is Very fast, and does good damage. My only complaint is I have her sitting at 3.70 and keep putting her off for other purple heroes (Panther, costume Sartana, Bera, and now Hel) but I know ill get to her (and I really want to).
Vela I loved before Telly was out. That elemental link for red titans works great. I still like the the current version (shes sitting at +20 on my war defense) but just wish she did some more damage.
Malosi I never got him and at first wasn’t too interested in. He would have been nice but I wouldn’t be missing anything is what I thought… Now fighting him is annoying when I have to wait a few turns before I fire my specials. I would love to have a very fast “sorta silencer.”

Runners up:
Raffaele I wanted because he has some impressive heals. I’ve lost some fights when I was about to win (maybe just waiting for some DOT to have 1 more turn) where he comes and heals everyone to 50%, adds heal over time, and cleanses.

Original Telly I loved… but not as a tank, I didn’t care about defense (and we use purple war tanks), but on attack as heals was great and had some bonus damage. Once she stopped being a good healer I was no longer impressed. She lost her emblems (to Heimdall who is a great healer). She still gets used in war usually but as a 2nd flag set attacker if I use a lot of green.


:man_facepalming::man_facepalming: i have Vela, leveled and hardly use her only in wars.

I would go with Malosi…The only one im missing tho :thinking:

I have:

  • Malosi (maxed)
  • Clarissa (maxed)
  • J-F (maxed)
  • Glenda (1.1)
  • Raffaele (maxed)
  • Zocc (3.70)
  • Zulag (maxed)

Clarissa and J-F I use the most, both in defense and offense. Malosi I use a lot in offense only. Those are my three favorites for this year.

not going to judge best/worst, just going for favorite

for me it’s Malosi, the only one I have :stuck_out_tongue:

he’s amazing on offense. neuters a lot of tough heroes.


Well without the Nerfs I would’ve gone with Vela, BUT those things did happen so voted for Malosi. He’s not my favorite hero or anything, defensively he honestly sucks, but on raid offense he can counter pretty much anyone. BK, Alfrike, Santa, Vela, GM, Krampus, Aegir, Kunchen, Telluria he makes all of these pretty obsolete, minus the minor direct dmg some of these do. And that was just a little snippet of heroes he nuders.

On another note he can also counter all the other HOTM’s from this year, and I guess from previous years too.

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Tell, Vela, Malosi.

The first two are obvious; I still think they were over nerfed, simply because of their original synergy. But Tell remains my tank because I have no better, or even nearly equal, option.

Malosi is the one I didn’t care about, but am very happy to have. When used right he can completely change the battle.


Tough one here!

Telly and Vela were definitely the strongest until the nerfs, and even after that Telly is still the top tank in the game. But hard to me to place them on the fav list, as I hate how much these two heroes divided the player base and impacted the game development (not a coincidence that we haven’t got any really good HotMs after that drama). I still use the two of them most often, but can’t say I love them. Telly wars alone are what makes me despise Telluria.

My vote is for Malosi - he is in my opinion perfectly balanced hero, useful for what he does, unique in design and working perfectly. Second would be probably Clarissa - it’s interesting that she doesn’t see as much use as GM, the little difference in DoT should not have that much impact.

JF imho tries to be support + damage dealer, in the end failing to be either. DoT has too many counters, the defense flip and watershield are way too niche (though with Frigg out came to be useful).

Anything that came after May was mediocre, weird, not much useful or with design flaws which I am pretty much sure was intentional so the top heroes of this game are hidden in the low chance portals and not in the quite decent chances for bonus rolls. Glenda and Bai are probably the ones I would point out to be OK, even chased after Bai (failing) due to lack of yellows and surplus of darts. But in the end, I did not get any HotM after May and don’t even have much regrets for that. Very weird year for HotMs.


Best gotta be Telluria, for obvious reasons.
Tho my favourite is Malosi

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