What is the preference order of upcoming HOTM

From June to September what is the preference order of the HOTM ?

June 2020 - Ice (Blue)
July 2020 - Fire (Red)
August 2020 - Nature (Green)
September 2020 - Holy (Yellow)

All of this can be found in their respective beta beat threads.

I asked which is good to bad , order ? So that I can decide which month I avoid to do summons using free coins , free keys etc

I would reiterate that information can be found in Beta Beat.

Seeing as how 3 of those heroes were just introduced today into beta it may be too soon to tell.
But when I read the skills they all seem underwhelming compared to some previous stellar HotMs. I would not make a concerted effort to pull any of these upcoming months solely based on HotM.

Edit: Maybe August if they clarify the 170% damage language


The heroes are still being tested so their value cannot necessarily be assessed yet.