Grimm...Am I Missing Something?

Mines only +14 but I have prioritised defense and health. He IS squishy. A beast in action however; that splash attack is gorgeous.

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Isn’t Telly tank of choice? A squishy tank makes no sense.

That’s not a bad idea. Especially, if you want to fight 4600 teams in wars. When I emblemed him I just wanted to prioritize his strength as a glass cannon. I was like “even if he dies that sick tile damage will still be at play”. On hindsight, I should have gone the defense HP route. But I still use him in wars in my 3-2 blue green team. The level 23 mana troops of course makes this entire team functionally fast. They all charge up in 3 matches. :slight_smile:


A lot of newer players seem to forget that while you have one hero left in play, all tiles are doing damage. @NittanyLionRoar taught me that lesson on youtube. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup, that’s very important. :slight_smile:


Ramming Pulverizer ( 6 turns!!! )

High normal/ matching/ tile damage even when dead ( grave damage )

Barbarian class quests both have triple red bosses ( Use emblems to get emblems,
blue is strong color against all bosses of last stage, defense debuff target and nearby for 6 turns, splash damage )


Click for notes

Grimm, Tiburtus and Gormek

(Ramming Pulverizer-Who's your favorite?)

Grimm x2

(Is it worth ascending two Grimm's)

Scarlett, Jackal and Grimm

(Two Rogues or comparing Guardian Jackal and Scarlett ( with a mention of Grimm ))

Wu Kong teams

Wu Kong 2x debuffers

(Wu Kong Debuff Duo or Smart Probability or Two Defense Down heroes with Wu Kong)

Wu Kong Cascade Squad

Color stacking



Personally, I use Grimm in my events and S3 where needed/possible.
For me, Grimm with Miki, Jott and Kiril is just… yes bye bye enemies.he is not a “go to” for me in wars or raids though, unless it’s a rush attack then i may use him(but then I have 2x Tiburtus)

Grimm is a good effective hero even at +11 on the talent grid.
I stopped there because I got two Costume Magni.
Once you have done Grimm focus on Kiril then Sonya
And leave Captain of Diamonds and Agwe until you have exhausted all your other options
Good luck

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That is my team for S3 not my def team but i wanted to share that i still use grimm even with
heroes way more powerful then him.
This is my def

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Once I pulled Isarnia out of the costume closet, Grimm went to the depths of war teams.

I love Grimm. Once he’s maxed, he should serve better. Yes, he may still be first to go down. But your enemies will fall faster, too.

I also think very highly of Kiril. He & Boldtusk are my favorite 4* healers in the game.

If I weren’t so well supplied with Melendor & Caedmons, I might be more excited about Sonya. She’s useful, but her ability’s also easy to find.

Who should your focus be? That depends. Does your team already have enough teeth? If you’re happy with your capacity for destruction, then maybe Grimm’s not the way to go. But I’ve always been short on direct damage dealers, and Grimm is one of my few who can fill that role.

No tank there what so ever. That’s an attack team.

Oh, sorry, already covered by the poster.

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As a side note are there any S3 bosses that hit 3? If so, it would probably make sense to put Grimm on one of your wings to slightly maximise your chances of keeping him alive

Srsly nobody mention his main role (or I am blind) as a titan hero for def down. He will be in your red titan team for a looooooong time I still use him as a level 59 player. I got Isarnia but also Magni to level up and only 3 scopes for now so still she wait for those. Other option in blue is Athena but she is very rare.

I used to follow an all-attack, all mono strategy with both raids and wars. In a lot of cases specials were secondary, so my Grimm and Proteus followed complete attack emblem path - I also thought in the worst case scenario at least his attack will attack to the stack strength.

Since then Grimm has been stripped and decomissioned in favour of C Kiril but I have incorporated Proteus into an ant-Tel 3/2 config where his special is key. HE KEPT DYING ON ME. So I completelely re-did his built and went all defense and it has been completley worth it. He now survives to cast his special maybe 80% of the time, which is usually good enough to help with getting a win

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I love my Sonyas and despite her stats working ou to exactly the same as Caedmon she seems to get left standing when he doesn’t (Caveat: My Sonya1 is emblembed and my sentimental favourite.)

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Grimm is very much a glass cannon hero.

I have one emblemed up to +20, and another with no emblems. Paired together in raids and it’s quite a sight to behold! :grin:

Fully leveled, Grimm can still be squishy. Of the blues you name, Kiril is the one you’ll still use when you have war teams full of 5*s.

Grimm needs a costume to bring his levels up to Kiril. He is a great 4* but I had to release him to a 5* Defense down was sure nice with him.

Thanks, guys! I’m still trying to figure out the whole concept of different teams for different things. My main team right now is Baldur, Tiburtus, Bai Yong, Grimm, and Grevle. I have three fives, Baldur, BaiYeong, and Lianna (I really like her, slowly working her up). I have a bunch of fours, but didn’t for a really long time, so they aren’t leveled up, at all.

I’m working with the following fours, trying to figure out which to focus on:





WuKong (Wtf is his useless skill?!)

I have a bunch of really good threes that I’m working on, for now, because I’m new, so that’s what I can focus on, right now.

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