Grimm...Am I Missing Something?

Ramming Pulverizer ( 6 turns!!! )

High normal/ matching/ tile damage even when dead ( grave damage )

Barbarian class quests both have triple red bosses ( Use emblems to get emblems,
blue is strong color against all bosses of last stage, defense debuff target and nearby for 6 turns, splash damage )


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Grimm, Tiburtus and Gormek

(Ramming Pulverizer-Who's your favorite? - #13 by Gryphonknight)

Grimm x2

(Is it worth ascending two Grimm's - #10 by Gryphonknight)

Scarlett, Jackal and Grimm

(Two Rogues or comparing Guardian Jackal and Scarlett ( with a mention of Grimm ))

Wu Kong teams

Wu Kong 2x debuffers

(Wu Kong Debuff Duo or Smart Probability or Two Defense Down heroes with Wu Kong)

Wu Kong Cascade Squad

Color stacking