Please help me with Avalon strategy

You have Falcon.

Always a good choice, just be careful against stages with only Boss Arthur.

Especially because Boldtusk can revive as a fighter.

There are boss lists for Knights on the forum, use it to adjust your attack team especially with double, and triple, Bosses.

Cyprian works well to protect Wilbur and Scarlett. Scarlett’s low defense increases damage counterattacked.

Rigard is great for keeping everyone alive and is very hard to kill.

Wu Kong is insanely powerful, but often needs two healers ( see notes ).

Purple 4* Tibertus would be nice - blue 4* Grimm is always nice, except for Knight’s reflect blue. But I do not see them on your roster.

From your roster you should be able to complete Knights. If you have trouble, just bump this forum topic for pointers.


Click for notes

Wu Kong

(Wu Kong Debuff Duo or Smart Probability or Two Defense Down heroes with Wu Kong)


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