Scarlett or 2nd Gormek

As simple as that. Which one would be better to level up? Scarlett, or a second Gormek (first one maxed)?

Or, what would they be useful for? Is a second Gormek worth?

Or even maybe none of them is worth and I should wait to get better 4* fire?


Scarlett. Thank me later


Scarlett, for variety and also for usefulness.

Even without knowing your roster, I will say that Scarlett is one of the better season 1 4*s. Her high tile damage is great for Titans, and her fast mana and attack debuff are great against bosses (many players only beat Ursena on hard mode because they used her, along with a defense buffer).

Having two Gormek will only be useful for War, I can’t really think of a situation where you would need two Gormek together on one raid team for example.



Depends on your roster.


I tend towards diversity first, then duplicates, but your play style may be different.

So with no information, another red 4* before a second Gormek.

Colen may be the only exception among red Classic 4* heroes, but Colen is another rant.

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Wilbur makes Gormek obsolete anyway.


Wilbur in combination with proteus and you can win any level on Atlantis hard, S1 or S3 normal…

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First you need to have Proteus. He’s the only S2 4 star I don’t have :c


I’m so happy that I got these two very early in Atlantis.

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If 1st Gormek, I’d say him. But 2nd Gormek…

Scarlett all the way.


Not always…I prefer gormek against telly or heimdell because I want them dead asap. Wilbur can allow them to hold on for s couple more turns and then repair the damage you’ve done to the wider team.



  1. Generally, variety is better
  2. Scarlett has a very long usage curve, since she will probably be on your green titan team until your roster is replete with five stars (and possibly even then)
  3. Maybe it’s just me, but Rogues are hard to come by, so she’s a good repository for emblems

Scarlet… She is a monster…

Her damage is comparable if not higher to Jackal and although her skills secondary effect isn’t as good as Jackal’s it is handy…

Think about her as a 5 star sniper who enters the battlefield at 60% health :slight_smile:


Anyone can think of a 4 star hero that has higher attack stat than Scarlett? I could think none. Jackal comes in at close second. Scarlett has more attack stat than most 5 star fire heroes. She is useful against green titans because of her tile damage. Like Jackal, they get to be more potent when emblemed and see them occassionally dodge at those special skills thrown at them.

Gormek. I have mine stuck to 3/60 when I got Wilbur. And another Wilbur got maxed. And another Wilbur got leveled to 3/60 while my Gormek is still at the same level. I will max my third Wilbur over my Gormek soon when i am done with some other projects.


I’m on record as loving Gormek. He was the first red four-star that I maxed. I used him at tank early on because of his ridiculous HP. And they call him “the Hungry”. I can relate. Anyway, so I really like Gormek; I still have him at +20. And like @JonahTheBard, I don’t think Wilbur makes him obsolete in all cases. Sometimes, even his little bit of damage is preferable to no damage from Wilbur, despite his plethora of buffs and debuffs.

All that said, like @Gryphonknight, I value variety, and I’d pick Scarlett in your situation. Yes, she’s made of glass, but her tile damage is crazy high, making her an excellent choice for titans or a war team where you just really need to take out a green hero with your hit. I never count on her surviving or firing her special. She boosts red tile damage, dead or alive.

Also agree with @IvyTheTerrible that she is a nice place for your rogue emblems. Although I’ve given nearly every rogue emblem I have to Domitia, now that she is at +18, I’ve started giving some to Scarlett, along the attack path, naturally. Evade is a great talent for a glass cannon, and the competition for rogue emblems is generally sub-par. Disclaimer: I don’t have Jackal, and he would have been the choice if I did.


Base stats Ameonna has Scarlett beat. I think she stays ahead on attack path emblems too even though they’re different classes.

Scarlett is more usable though, no doubt. You just asked the question.


Another vote for Scarlett. Fighting 14* titans she’s still on my red team.


Not sure about base stats, but fully emblemed, Scarlett and Jackal both have her beat. See this thread:

Rogue class has nine attack boost nodes, so that’s probably the difference.


In my honest opinion, I always go for variety.
But of the two I would go with Scarlett over a duplicate Gormek.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Touché (pronounced toosh) :+1:

I have to say Scarlet, when the chips are down her special can be awesome. And possibly 2 Gormeks or a Gormek and a Scarlet? I’ll take the latter combo. Gormek first!