Purple 4* Advice

So a couple of weeks ago I was leveling up Tibs, I had him at 3/something and had the keys to ascend him and finish off my ramming pulverizer trio when I drew Rigard…

Knowing how revered Rigard is and having the other two pulverizers maxed, also only having one other 4* healer (Kiril), I switched to Rigard after getting Tibs to 3/60. I had Rigards skill maxed by 2nd ascension so started power levelling him when out pops Proteus…

I have 7 keys right now and Morlovia is coming up. I’m currently thinking the plan would be to get Rigard up to 3/60 and then switch to Proteus and take him all the way followed by Rigard. Purple is my weakest Titan stack. Current line up is Wu 3/60 Tibs 3/60 Balthazar +9 Cyprian +10 Balthazar 3/50.

Any advice appreciated.

May the RNG be with you always

Do Rigard first, then Proteus. You lack healers and his healing and cleansing is superb.


Rigard then Proteus. Proteus is extremely good on offense. You mentioned you were lacking healers so Rigard first makes more sense imo. If you got any heroes that are 4 stars or above that either cut or stall mana, then they would be a good pair with Proteus. :sunglasses:


Thanks @MBoedel and @Aunty_Krauser. I failed to mention that I do have Boldtusk at 3/something. I need one more blade to ascend him.

If your priority is titans, then I would max Tiburtus first, then Proteus. Rigard is considered the best 4* healer but he’s not gonna be helpful with damage against titans.

Otherwise go with Rigard first, then Proteus.

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Many Thanks @DaveCozy!

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