Too good on dark

I waited forever for a good 3* dark. Finally got Balthasar. Meanwhile I’ve taken Sabina to 3/60 (have Melendor at 4/30), Tiburtus to 3/40 (have Gormek at 3/50 with ascesion material to take him to lvl 4, as well as Grimm at 1/11). Also have Sartana, Rigard and Cyprian unlevelled. Otherwise I have one 3* team maxed (except dark) and at least 4* 3/60 of one or more of the other colors (including Wu at a level becomming useful against titans). I want to beat titans and manage challenges to get ascession intens. Defence team is as good as it is, and not a great concern. Recommendations? I have no great snipers. Too soon to put resources into Sartana? I’ll take Tibs to 3/60 first anyway. Rigard/Cyprian worth investing in before I go for Sartana? Should I max Balthasar before investing in any of those? Tempted by Sartana, since I’m short on hard hitting snipers (have Sonya 3/60 and Bane 3/50)

Go Rigard and then or simultaneously Sartana.

It’s ok to level one or 2 legends also in the beginning at least up to 3.70.

You’ll always take advantage of having good epic healers like Sabsi and Rigs. They are very useful for titans, the map and also wars, events and quests.


wow that’s a long time waiting for a 3 star! consider this a good problem to have.

Balthazar is the best purple 3 star, even considering the atlantis and seasonal purple heroes. If you have two training camps running TC11 constantly with another one doing another training for your needs, it should take you no more than 2 weeks to get Balthazar maxed. So for the rare tier events and raid tournaments he’s definitely a good investment.

You won’t get set back very far, imo.


If you don’t have a 3* dark I think it is worth it to max him. You’ll find him useful in being able to complete rare challenge event levels and also for the raid tournament that is limited to 3* heroes.
Rigard is worthy of maxing and will help to cleanse your team against titans that add a DOT (Damage over time) or a buff against your attack.
Tibs is worth maxing for his ramming pulverizer. Again, useful on titans. But, Sartana at 2/60 is then useful eventually for an extra war body. Don’t give her any ascension mats though until you are close to getting everything you need to max her.
Since you are just now rounding out your first 4* maxed team that will probably be a little while.


Tank’s guys. Maybe a no-brainer, but then I’ll take Tibs to 3/60 and Balthasar to 3/50 first and then giving Rigard some love before letting my temptetion of feeding Sartana getting the better of me. Looking forward to using her though (Cyprian will remain on the bench alas, but that feels good)


Late to the party, but I wanted to contribute since I let a situation like this mess me up. I, too, was waiting for a purple to replace Layla early on. Drew Sabina from an Atlantis summon, and thought I had hit pay dirt. (Which I did, in a sense. She’s still on basically all my teams and is maxed +9). But I let that keep me from leveling a three-star purple after I got her. So I had the entire roster of classic 3-star purples sitting there on my bench, waiting for me to finish leveling Sabina. In the meantime, I started running out of roster space, so when I drew dupes of those purples, I fed the dupes to the hero they were a duplicate of, hoping the 25% chance of a special upgrade would give me a leg up when I came back to level them. (Not a bad strategy, either. I eventually had Tyrum 1^17 with a skill at 4/8!)

So, when I finished Sabina, I had a bunch of 3-stars with a few levels each, but I had also drawn Tiburtus (also a good hero, who I now have maxed +7). And I maxed him instead of working on a 3-star purple, still feeding dupes to themselves. When I finished Tiburtus, I finally decided that I needed to do a 3-star purple for rare tier challenge events and the forthcoming raid tournaments, as well as late war flags, I looked across my bench of neglected 3-stars to see who I could max the fastest. “Oh, look. It’s Prisca. She’s at 1^22 vs. 1^17 for Tyrum and 1^12 for Balthazar. I’ll level her.” :man_facepalming:

Yep, I leveled Prisca instead of Tyrum because I probably drew one more duplicate of her, and she was 5 lousy levels higher. I maxed Prisca as quickly as possible so I could get back to business. Then I drew Ameonna and couldn’t wait to start on her (because fun little ghost). So I started Ameonna, thinking I had my purple three-star conundrum solved with Prisca. Except then I found out by using her that Prisca is terrible at basically everything. I had too much invested in Ameonna to stop with her, but I knew I had to level another 3-star purple next (and probably 2, since Guardians of Teltoc was in the offing) because Prisca wasn’t cutting it. Then I drew Domitia!

For the last month or two I’ve had to let my shiny new Domitia sit at 1^1 while I leveled Balthazar and Tyrum, all because I didn’t have the good sense to do what it appears you are about to do, which is plug that three-star purple hole in your roster competently and quickly so you can move on to the fun stuff. Kudos to you.

(Incidentally, I finished Balthazar two days ago, and I just did my first 10 feed to Domitia. My maxed Prisca was part of it, the little wench. Felt good to feed her away. Haha)


I know most players would be against it, but you might want to read a bit about Cyprian before deciding what to do. Long ago, when I was in a similar situation as you are, I maxed Cyprian as my first purple 4* while Sabina waited at 3/60, and I never for a moment regretted that decision… Cyprian would be of great help against quest and event fast mana charging bosses, also great on raid offense against defense teams with heavy AOE hitters, and can also work as a solid tank up to mid platinum arena.


Yep, I use him every day and he’s just awesome, since he oneshots Graveys, Liannas and Sartanas as well as Isarnias, Justices and Qintuses. He also melts down map bosses like a charm.

But he’s almost nothing without a healer, since he suffers from every of his counterattacks.


Right you are. I always paired him with Sabina. He needs healing. And he should be flanked by some low defense high HP heroes (like Gormek), to maximize the riposte damage.


Tank’s! Sure won’t feed away Cyprian. I certainly see his potential in raids. He’ll get some love eventually I think :slight_smile:

Good to see someone confirm my thinking on this. I’m leveling a Boril tank right now, and I was thinking that flanking him with Gormek would be the way to go.


Cyperian is one of the dark 4* that i’ll max here soon. I’ll also back up his usefulness. I use him in class trials and also in war. It’s so much fun to see enemy heroes kill themselves on his riposte.


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