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Hello everyone. Like some I am struggling in one part of path of valor and for me it’s tournaments. As of today I am on the 5th tier and have 6/25 done. I am kind of curious on if your defense score has an impact on your overall ranking? If not could we all not just throw in terrible defenses to help each other out and stick it to the path of valor system. Are the rewards really that great that throwing yourself down a tier or two would really matter?

Obviously lots of people would be against this. “You can’t beat it don’t buy it.” I guess my underlying concern is with the overall Valor pass. Is this something they intended for everyone to buy and only the top players finish with much grind? (My opinion on being much grind) I would think the overall emphasis would be for everyone to buy and be able to finish if participating. I would think a focus on getting players on daily would benefit much more by awarding more daily points. From what I’ve seen and like myself it’s very unlikely that I buy another valor pass with the current system. I did the math and if I get past tournament 5 and don’t beat 6 I should be just 50 points over for final tier of the pass. That is cutting it extremely close for someone who plays lots of hours per week.

Anyways my final point is I hope they change the system to rely on daily participation which I think would increase sales. Starting next tournament I will be putting in low base hero’s and I hope that gives a free point to someone else’s POV. Good luck to you all in your final POV stretch.

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Pretty funny, I just created a Path of Valor topic too!

I do think defense ranking has to do with the score you get. I don’t pay too much attention because for some reason I get a C, D, or E grade every time. Although I have an A as we speak, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Good luck to you too!


In PoV it only matters that you use tournament flags. You can lose all the battles and pay to continue.

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Check this thread @Death4 … Next two tournaments should be 3* if I’m reading it correctly. That would be a great opportunity to add to your PoV tournament battle count :woman_shrugging:.

Belatedly… Welcome to the forum.


Well my 3 stars are actually my worst teams. I just get really bad boards and maybe I’m trash idk. Thanks for the share though! Lol

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I actually like the 3* raid tournaments, let’s me use them, I’ve invested a lot into my 3*s and like to use them other than challenge events.

Do you color stack? Try a 3-2 color stack or mono, and give it a chance, not just once or twice and give up.


Because you’re new to the forum, you might not know there is always a thread with tips on the current tournament set up by @zephyr1. It might pay to read through there before setting up your own defense.

Lots of knowledgeable people share their ideas and teams. You never know! GL all the same.

Edit - I have used gems to continue when my defense is A grade. 600 points each day, makes a huge difference in your tournament score.


Yea I color stack I feel like they give me ridiculously difficult match ups. As soon as I finish my war teams I’m deff making some 3 star teams. I got these new season 3 hero’s.

My main has been doing fine in terms of stacking. It is my other two profiles who are lagging behind in tourney completions. In fact i just completed the tourney PoV challenge today. The only way you can get this done the fastest is if you do all 5 attacks every battle day and do not miss one regardless of win or loss. I know ones I am lagging behind on all three are gonna be titan defeats because we cannot defeat a 7 star as all of our collective damage is too damn low, and I personally do not have teams strong enough to complete legendary events.

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Actually I’m going to miss 50 tier by 325 points. Confirmed mad and not buying again.

Really? There is the option to wait and see if you can achieve level 50 before buying the pass. The quests and rewards might be improved and easier to achieve as well :woman_shrugging:.

Yea I bought day 1 thinking it would be reasonable in my opinion which I don’t think it is. Now most of us know better. They will see drop in POV sales. Thanks for all your follow ups though!!

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I love my 3* team!! :blush:

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Is this a game screenshot?

Not sure of the source, else I’d reference it… Someone shared this.

I love Arman, him and Costume Bane are my favorite yellows.

I have Costume Hawkmoon ready to level up as soon as Costume Boldtusk gets done.

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