Path of Valor Calculator

Hi all :slight_smile:

With PoV 1, I had little visibility into how far I could get but still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This time around, I figured I’d create a small utility to allow myself to gauge what challenge levels I NEED to complete if I want to get to milestones 48/50.

I wanted to share this little calculator with you all and am open to any feedback you may have :slight_smile:

Here’s the link:

If you think this is useful to anyone you know, feel free to at-mention them or link this topic in other topics (this is my first topic so forgive me if I’m a little off-base here!).

Later y’all’s!


Quick update: A couple of miscalculations and typos have been fixed :slight_smile:

Bookmark first. This will become A handy tools, thank you so much for ur great efforts largehippy :blush:

Glad you find some use out of it @mogulemon! Most welcome :slight_smile:

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