Path of Valor "I overlooked a tier on a stage"

I just fought my 5 tourney fights and the did not show up on the valor

After 5 fights you are in tier II, counting from zero to 10


@Ole does not even show the 5???
All the others show the count up to the goal

If you’ve already fought your first 5 fights, the system automatically rolls over into the next tier.

Question: we’re you able to claim a reward from that challenge after fighting?


@Rohn maybe you should take a picture of (1) your valor challenge and (2) your tournament log of attacks. That should either clearly depict your problem or identify where you are overlooking something.

@littleKAF I have been told where it is just close it kaffy please

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Thanks lady :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks ole :slightly_smiling_face:

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