Path of Valor - Challenges and Rewards overview - thread killed - please delete it Zephyr

I will add additional challenges as soon as I complete them. (Last updated: 6.2.2020)
This is only a basic draft - better graphics will follow after completion of all challenges.


Win Raids Daily Challenge counts Tournament Raids as well.
Find Recruits counts recruits you take out from your advanced house as well.


for entering premium path, should we pay?

Yes the price is 299,- Czech Crowns so I think it is like 13 EUR or 13 USD approximately.

they said:
If you unlock a Milestone, you’ll get the Free reward (if any), whether you’ve purchased the Valor Pass or not. If you’ve purchased the Valor Pass, then you’ll ALSO get the Premium reward for that Milestone.
what is a Milestone?

$10 USD

20 characters


X amount of valor points

Every set amount of valor points reached is a milestone

milestones give rewards

Premium= gets both sets of rewards

Free= only gets the free rewards


ohhhh i got itttt right now


Milestone is the point value shown in the table (column “req.”).
Paying players receive both free and Valor Pass reward.
F2P players receive only free item.

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thank you honey so much

thank you darling so much

So, “Complete Challenge Event” would be Knights of Avalon, right?

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Yes and can be any tier as far as i know


1 tier correct or all 3?

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I don’t know, because there was never a Challenge Event live in Beta at the same time as Path of Valor.

Alright well next step…

@Petri care to clarify?

@Pois1, this is really helpful! Any chance you could post a link to the spreadsheet? I’d like to run some calculations on average points / day required to hit the final rewards, and I’d love to not need to type in everything you’ve already done :slight_smile:

@TWAndrews You can copy/paste the numbers from this table: Path of Valor Milestone Point Costs

I added in the average needed per day, too.


@Pois1 acording to @zephyr1’s list and the total amount of valor points needed, the numbers in your spreadsheet are inaccurate. The last levels only need 10 points more than the level before, it seems, etc.

But overall, thank you very much for your effort!


Wow, close to 1k points / day across 50 days. I’m not sure that’s actually even possible without spending for summons, tbh. Do the tiered challenges (e.g. summons, defeat heroes, etc.) reset back to the first tier when the top tier is completed?

Yes, 1 tier counts as one completion.


They don’t reset, but I think it’s possible to complete the Summon Heroes/Troops from Summon Tokens and Daily Summons alone.

The total of all of them is 275 Summons, so even without VIP, you’d only need 225 Summon Tokens in the next 50 days, which I think is realistic to get. I saved 205 Summon Tokens in around 20 or 30 days.

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