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Right, but if you only complete the Summon Heroes series once, you won’t get anywhere near the number of point that you’ll need to complete all the tiers. It will need to be completed (along with all the other Valor Challenges) several times to even get close to the ~46k points needed.

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It will be interesting to see if there are a II and a III (and IV V and VI for next month) for competing the other tiers…

The points for each Valor Challenge series are different, so really what you’re identifying is that the 5000 Valor Points for Summon are probably below average — which I think is a good thing, since it means that things like Raids, War, and Titans are worth more, presumably.

It’s hard to know at this point, though, since we already know it’s very different than in Beta.

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Ah, so the Valor Points above are the values from beta, not the known current values? That makes me feel somewhat better.

Am I reading the tables correct and you do all the regular challenges (so not the daily but the 6 ‘set’ challenges) you will be able to earn in total 4.275 valor points and thus make the level 50 rewards?

Or am I misreading/misinterpreting something here?

I think the Valor Points listed above for the Challenges look like they’re from the live game.

But we don’t know what the later tiers of Attack in War, Defeat Heroes, Complete a Challenge Event, Tournament Battles, and Defeat Titans look like yet.

The only one we know all of the Valor Points for is the Summon Challenge.

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@zephyr1, in beta did each series reset after you hit the max tier, were you able to keep doing the challenge at the max tier level, or was it completed with no further points available once the max tier had been hit?

In Beta it was completed, and no more Valor Points were available from that Valor Challenge.

The live game appears to be the same, judging by the video in this post: 🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

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Defeat Hero’s II, I can confirm the numbers are correct.

Defeat 100 enemy heroes in raids
Reward 800 points.

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Here is my spreadsheet link:


Thanks, @Petri, that is very helpful!

If you feel inclined to be even more helpful, it’d be great to know what the subsequent tiers of this valor challenge are. For example, if the next one is, ‘complete the epic tier of an event,’ then players will know they should complete the rare tier to fulfill the first valor tier, then the epic tier to complete the second valor tier, etc.

Basically, if any subsequent valor tiers require us to complete certain challenge (rare, epic, legendary) tiers it would be great to know that in advance.

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Where did you get the numbers for Defeat Titans? Did someone kill 5 Titans already to test?

I expect, that defeat heroes challenge finish at tier 4 for 2.400 VP summing to total 5.000, but I may be wrong. We will see soon.

@zephyr1, I copy from what @Pois1 have done, is it not correct? He already share it, I think he already know somewhere in beta maybe? or clue from staff petri?

If this is wrong, I will remove now from my spreadsheet.
Need confirm @Pois1.

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Yes some ppl have fone this Jumping between alliances

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I’m positive that at some of the Valor Challenges have changed from Beta, so if that’s where they’re from, I wouldn’t trust them before confirming in the live game.


In which case, I’m super confused how we’re going to hit avg daily points required, unless there are some big points coming from the daily quests.

If you complete all the Valor Challenges at all levels that gives you 4,275 Valor points, which leaves 42,475 to get over 50 days or almost exactly 850 valor points / day. The challenges we saw on the first day total 375 Valor points. That puts us 475 points behind our average target, even assuming that all the Valor Challenges will eventually be completed.

So there must be some big daily challenges coming down the pike, or it’s effectively impossible to get to the final levels of the path. Interested to see how realistic it actually is to get to the final levels.

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I’m not sure where this number came from — the Summon Valor Challenge is 5,000 points, and I personally have no idea what the other Valor Challenges will be worth in total.

Yeah, I’m just :man_shrugging: and waiting to see what it is, rather than speculating.

Oh, and I don’t think this is right either.

Even at 4,275 Valor Points per 6 Valor Challenges, that would be 25,650 Valor Points, leaving 21,100 more needed.

And we already know at least one Valor Challenge is worth more than 4,275 Valor Points.

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