🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

It’s from my third acc, I didn’t do anything there. The bar on the top is at 0/20 for milestone 1 :wink: I can make a video, if that’s necessary…


I wondered that too, but that 0/20 and level 1 leaves not much doubt ^^

Can confirm the 46750 total. Have just logged into an alt account I create to preserve my alliance when I go walkies that I haven’t logged into for three months and that seems to be the total with nothing done.

Edit: Must say it seems an oddly specific total. Would have tried to make everything add up to 50k myself.


Hey Zephyr! Sorry to point out but the Defeat Heroes tier 1 is, in fact, tier 2 (correct me if I’m wrong)

EDIT: I was wrong. Ignore me ^^

@zephyr1 you may want to add to the first post:

Defeat Hero tier 2: Defeat 100 Enemy Heroes in Raids, 800 VP
Tournament Battles tier 2: Play 10 battles in the Tournament, 350 VP


I was using this for total points.

@Pois1, your values must be wrong somewhere.


Costumes don’t, but the Heroes that come with the Costumes do — at least that’s how it worked in Beta.

Atlantis will most certainly count.

I’m only rolling my eyes atm. Would be much easier if the data would be somewhere in a nice table on a nice help site of SGG, because it is THERE :stuck_out_tongue: so much effort, so much wasted energy, lol. But nooo, users have to put it to the forum, stumble upon the non-linear points and so on. Why? :cry: :rofl:


I’ve edited my post to include the point value for the 10th tier of summon heroes / troops, the correct point value for the entire Valor challenge, and to draw some new conclusions.


True, but my post was specific to the Path of Valor Pass items, not the free stuff. So, 70 is correct. My hope was to clearly outline items to help people decide if it was worth the purchase.

Have a great day.

So does anyone know WHY it is ONLY Barbarian Emblems?

I’ve checked in against the game, and what I have listed is tier 1 — so it’s correct as originally typed.

Added, thanks!

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I’m confident that this is correct: Path of Valor Milestone Point Costs

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It’s Grimm’s birthday.

Jokes aside: maybe they plan to cycle emblem classes and trainer colors with each Path of Valor


at 50 days per path that is a LONG time to cycle through all lol…oh well, Miki is grateful. Just curious, being the emblem wh*re that I am.

I like the idea of barbarian emblems . I need for my Grimm

It is confirmed, that one tier of the challenge event counts as completion for the valor points.
I guess, there will be another 2 tiers for the other completions and maybe a fourth for all? It’s called “Challenge Event I” not without reason, I think.


Next Valor there will be others. :wink:

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One thing I think they should add as an incentive for FTP players to do the valor “quests” is to have a prize at every tier even if it’s just a few arrows or crafting mat, or even 5 gems, like mystic vision you always get something even if it’s small
Please post any improvements you’d like to see

Oh and today’s one daily chore craft big antidotes? I never even reached that item as I only use them when I have a stock pile from getting them free.


I’d support that idea.

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