🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

I dont know of a game on the planet who has makes alliances with the goal of them staying small. I just cant agree with this’ I see what you are saying but encourageng people to grow together is what an alliance is for. What you are asking for is a like saying one basketball team only has it’s starting 5 and if the other team has bigger bench you shouldnt have to play them.

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I tried to deny, then she comes back and shows me this:

And fails to believe that almost everyone in the forums is like this :smiley: @zephyr1 is everywhere


Apologies if this has been covered already but there are nearly 900 replies!

Do titan kills count when you have a greyed-out titan chest? I.e., could I go and alliance-hop on near-inactive alliances every 12 hours when my flags are full, thus filling up the challenge quickly? I know the loot would be pants but hey.

Yes, people do mercing to do that quest faster.


Thanks! Obvs it would be tricky to time it with the war challenge depending on what the later levels are.

35 titans in total according to:

hahaha - just for fun I looked up mine. zephyr holding the top spot in all three categories. Weirdly, Garanwyn is second in all three. Odd, since I’m not exactly trolling around finding old Garanwyn posts to like and reply to.


That’s what I have in the top post of this thread too.


A few more likes and @Garanwyn might reach the top!
Dangerously close!

EDIT: Also, a few more posts and @zephyr1 will edit us out into a separate topic. I want to see how he names the topic, though.


What happens when I complete all tiers of specific valor challenge? Will I be able to do last tier again and again?

No, you’re just done.

There’s nothing left after the last tier, and you can’t complete it again.


Not saying the goal is for them to stay small. I’m saying that I like the idea that they could stay small if they want to and not miss out on a ton of opportunities.

No worries. I didn’t expect the opinion to be popular. Just something I put out there for consideration.

Not exactly. In alliance wars, you could actually have the situation where you do have to play against an alliance with lots more people. They just (theoretically) match up the members that have the most similar rosters and let them slug it out. I don’t mind that, because even the small alliance can access the same rewards. Anything that requires fighting and defeating high level titans is 100% off-limits to small alliances and - to SGG’s immense credit - that’s the only such instance I can think of in the game. But with PoV Titan challenges and some possible new features, that may be changing. I’d prefer that not to be the case.

Some people decide to play with their close real-life friends and I don’t question that.

Yet, were they to whine about not being able to do the same titans that large alliance do, I’d be roasting them.

But just playing the way they want while accepting that it might not be the most efficient thing ever - fine with me.


[Warning, wrong understanding, better not read :D]
I don’t get it, summed all tiers all valor challenges and 3x50x daily challenges, ending up with 35,725 Points Total. Without additional quests or some repeating it’s like you shall not pass to the end. I’m confused.

Well, you’re correct for the first 3 at least.

Someone else (sorry, cannot find in this massive thread) guessed that as well, along with doing the math for estimated total attacks (105) and attacks per week (15, 3 days worth each week).

I had to continue today to make that because I had 3 utterly lousy boards yesterday and today. :frowning:


We don’t know all of the Tiers for all of the Valor Challenges yet — but it looks like each Valor Challenge will have 5000 Valor Points in total.

So that’ll be 30000 Valor Points from Valor Challenges, and another 18750 from Daily Challenges.

That’ll be 48750 total, and 46750 are required, which is why people keep saying they anticipate there are 2000 extra Valor Points in total.


Thank you for explaining.

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Sometimes I read through these threads and make note of who to block. I think the same people end up many peoples lists.

I am enjoying the path of valor. I’ve admitted my waning interest in the game in several posts before and this makes the game more fun for me because of the attainable milestones beyond the meager list of missions I haven’t completed (except some of the S2 avatar missions, I’m finished). I don’t care that some of the rewards aren’t great. I don’t care that people don’t like the rewards. I also don’t really care that they charge 10 bucks for the premium pass. I bought it. It’s now a budgeted thing. It fell in line with exactly where I felt it should.

I still hate the costumes with a fiery passion.
But SG got it right with Path of Valor.


The value path is painful, unless you pay the pass, it is 50 days of work for 1 4 * AM, it is something awful. Look that they could have put in forge ingredients, some costume key, some epic vouchers … But the rewards are absolutely painful. P2W feature completely. Waiting for the heroes academy to see if I permanently uninstall …

how much work is it really compare to what you already do? It isn’t a p2w feature, the only way for it to be a p2w feature is that you have to pay to win it by the very definition.
I am not excited about the rewards myself, but the atitude i see on this forumn about how it is 50 days of work is just absurd. If you really think it is 50 days of work, might just want to uninstall now


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