🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

What constitutes a Tournament Battle for the Valor Challenge? I would have thought the Raid Tournaments but I completed 5 battles and it didn’t count credits. (But my wins counted for raid wins… yay!)

Edit: D’uh… stage 2 requires battles 6-15. Patience Cupcake…

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Yes sir u r right

20 :poop:


Can i use the same harvester after 1 day a second time ? or is it used/lost ?

Welcome to the forum, @Cypher8.
It reads that it lasts for 1d - so I assume it will be no longer available after that day expires. Just like flasks…

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Urm just a humble query but exactly how many points in total can be gained from all the Valor Challenges combined?

Based on how many points it says you need to get to Level 50 and the total number of points you an get from doing every single Daily Challenge (3 challenges X 125 points X 50 days = 18750) you won’t even get you 40% of the way to Level 50 rewards and somehow I doubt the Valor Challenges will constitute more than 60% of the points we get.

Naturally if they’re showing rewards to sell the pass that it is actually impossible to achieve it is a big no no.

@zephyr1 Would it be possible to check with the Devs just how many points can be obtained from each of the Valor Challenges in total, that everything adds up to be able to get to the end of the path of Valor and that it isn’t a case of having brought across the point values directly from Beta where we could do many more than three daily challenges a day. I would try query myself but I’m hardly a popular flavour with them after the Costume Summons issue and I’m under the impression the mod team is able to get a faster response to something like this.

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I think, for now we just don’t know for sure how many points can be gained in total. We don’t even know if the daily challenges yield the same amount of points each day…
Furthermore, the valor challenges increase in points at different speed. A first data collection is started over here:


The points for daily challenges stayed the same for each “day” in beta and the points total for the daily challenges based on current values seems so far off that querying it earlier in case a fix is needed is better than on day 40 when people have done every challenge are only as far as level 30.

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Am I the only one that thought that Complete a Challenge Event I regards to finishing a normal daily quests (like find battle items etc.)?
The icon (ballon airship thingy) is the same and in Polish its not quite clear what it refers to.


Challenge Events I believe. Has a green border similar to how it gets updated during challenge and seasonal events

I’m unclear how progress is tracked. Completion of just one tier (ie rare or epic or legen) or completion across all tiers?


I thought this as well. But it seems indeed to be challenge events. But it’s definitely not clear.

Although, things might have changed from Beta to live, I see no problem with the available points atm. Some challenges are harder to complete and may give more points than others. Keep calm and playing, it’s 49+ days to go. :wink:

(At least I hope that the overall available points have been checked and doublechecked by staff more than once. :grin: :thinking:)


I have the same question. English is not my own language so I don’t understand your edit note…

I dont see the whole “fun” that this event adds as of now. It feels that brings more pressure if anything. There should be a time table with the quest requirements added ingame,
If ppl know what quests they are able to complete during the event, they can make calculate how much progress they can actually make and which rewards are possible. That alone would take a lot of pressure out of players that have to hassle to playdaily to cover up for this event additions. If I know I cant make it pass half way there, I can set my heart at peace and enjoy more of the event, rather than having a “PLAY, PLAY, PLAY for a chance of getting rewards I dont even know if they are doable for me” mentality the game is forcing.

Not a fan of this whole thing, considering they pushed back other game features for this. But it’s what it’s in gacha games.


I can’t quote your hidden text but if there is one thing I’ve learnt from being in beta is that typically they’re not checked and double checked and that it’s usually left to us to find the problem. It’s the reason why there’s such a large bug section in the forum and that on release there was a problem with the daily quests not loading.

Just by going by Occam’s Razor the most likely explanation is the the point totals for daily quests have not been properly updated from beta where we could do 3 daily quests every 2 hours.

Hey so… 5 titans per valour quest x 10 quests = 50 titans in 50 days. Is that really possible?

Accidentally replied to your post woops sorry @MysterySpin

UPDATE II: I checked the other thread and it’s 35** total titans, not 50

Maybe. Theory: A titan every 23 hours, 50 days…50 titans + 1 or 2 more (depends on start and end and titan spawn). Raw: 50 days * 24 hours / 23 hours = 52,17

Could be possible when you work up in a fresh alliance from 2* on :smiley:


So we can only afford to skip 1 or 2 titans? That’s tough


I think it’s only possible in theory, because…when you kill all your titans, they’re getting stronger and stronger and you reach the end of your alliance’s possibilities :frowning:


So it’s impossible to get the top reward is it? Because it’s impossible to get 50 titans in a row unless you are a top alliance?

@zephyr1 or anyone is this right, cheers

UPDATE: I checked the other thread and it’s 26 total titans

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Not all Valor Challenges went to 10 stages - for instance complete 10 Challenge Events would be impossible. Have a feeling Titans Go to 5 stages but the “5 Titans” varies in number and certainly do by Titan Star Level. Will be interesting to see what the max star level will be as it could screw a number of alliances I it goes as high as 14 star and it becomes essential to complete to finish Valor Path, could see mass defections from alliances to those that can finish the last Titan quest.

Out of curiosity what Titan star level your alliance up to?


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