You won't complete Path of Valor #1 (Probably) Analysis, Complaining, and Suggestion

Most people won’t finish Path of Valor. That sucks. LET’S DISCUSS!

----You won’t finish Path of Valor----
The math is harsh. Here’s a chart I didn’t make showing the exact breakdown:

There’s just 2000 points of leeway. Anything worth more than 2000 points is required. You must:

  • Be in an active alliance that can kill +6-star titans regularly;
  • Get your raid chest daily;
  • Use all flags in every alliance war; and
  • Beat all 3 difficulties of both Challenge Events (Avalon & Pirates)

Most players are already out of the running, but who cares about them. For “real” players the problem is the tournament battles and summons. You can’t lose both: one of them must be maxed to get the final reward since they combine for over 2000 points.

Tournament battles: To get the last award for tournaments you must play 105 total tournament battles in 50 days. There’s one tournament per week and seven tournaments during the event. Unless my barnyard math has lead me astray, that means you need to average 15 battles per tournament.

Summoning crap: To get the last award for summons, you must summon 275 critters. Divide that by 50 days of the event gets you 5.5 summons per day. That’s crazy pants. Even with VIP running and getting every chest and event, you’ll typically average about 4 summons per day. To make up for that extra 1.5 summons per day, you’ve got to buy about 75 summons over the 50 days.

For the average jerk, that means you’ve got to either spend diamonds on summons, or spend diamonds on tournament continues. You probably won’t do that. But even if you do:

----You can’t miss a single damn day----

For your regular workaday jerk like you and me, we’re likely to miss either tournaments or summons. That means we can’t miss a single day of the daily challenges. If you miss the 1700 for tournaments, for example, then you only have leeway of 300 points. That means one day missed loses the final reward.

Path of Valor will be recurring. It will be 50 days on / 10 days off until the END OF TIME. To keep up you’ll have to schedule your family funerals, schizophrenic breaks, and births of your children during those 10 day gaps. Have any of that happen during the 50 days and you lose. Grandma better die conveniently if you’re going to get those mystic rings!

“But PleasedPig, my dear fellow,” I hear you say, “shouldn’t we be rewarded for logging in every day?”

Yes, you filthy weasel. But usually missing a single day just results in your alliance yelling at you. It doesn’t result in losing a two-month long event that you paid extra for.

----Path of Valor is worth it even without the last reward!----

Yes, and five Bane costumes are totally worth it even though you were hoping for Lianna.

This is a game of slow progress leading to success. We’re all hooked. Path of Valor is another carrot that we’re hoping to achieve. Everyone that bought Path of Valor was hoping to finish it. They will be disappointed when they find out they weren’t even close. They won’t have fun.

That’s the problem. It might be a good deal, but Path of Valor is your disapproving Dad yelling at you to clean up your room. It’s the mirror in your face that you can’t even succeed at a color matching phone game. It’s not fun to lose over the course of 50 days.

All the free-to-play Vulcans will say “it’s better than nothing”. Hold on you jerks, I’m getting to a point:


With a small tweak, Path of Valor wouldn’t be so hard on people that have babies or grandmas. Here we go: Change the value of each daily challenge from 125 to 150.

That small fix opens up the math from 2000 points of leeway to 3250 points of leeway. You could miss any one category and still max rewards. You could miss BOTH tournaments and summons and still make it. If you only miss one of them, you could still hold your spouse’s hand in the emergency room and get the final reward.

Path of Valor would go from a treadmill with no off switch, to a fun side game as I believe it was intended. You probably won’t win Path of Valor this go-round. Unless the math changes, you probably won’t win next time either.

What do you think?!?!?!?


I work 12 to 14 hours per day but I try my best to make sure I contribute my part to the game. I will be at two years come April. Have never missed a titan or war in that time. These taskes are co playable in minutes of time per day so no idea what the fuss is about.

People who cant complete the challenege events should be buying the path in the first place if they are planning on completing it. Makes no sense to purchase and be mad when you knew you couldnt complete it in the first place.

Titans and wars have 24 hour times, easy to squeeze in 15 minutes for each per week. The events last for days plenty of time to get help.and work on necessary heroes to help you excell at these events.

Players have more ways to level than any of us had when we started so time to complete things is way easier for newer players than it was for us.

34 days left and not a single person in our alliance has had any concern about whether we finish or not as we are just taking our times and completing what we can as we get to it.

Winning three days of raid tournaments is tough on some people based on roster limitations, but once they get that out the way shouldnt be too hard to complete either. Not sure about your progress but we are doing just fine.


You’re right, many casual players won’t finish it. But your math is a little off.

For raids, you need to defeat 650 enemy heroes total. You get a total of 24 raid flags per day, but realistically you won’t use more than 8 per day. That’s 400 raid flags over the course of PoV. 400 FLAGS. Even if you only win half your raids, that’s 1000 heroes defeated. PLUS, your raid tournament flags also count for this, and you’re going to be using them anyway to meet that challenge.

For titans, you need 35 out of 52 possible. That means you can let 1 in 3 escape.

For wars, you need to use a total of 60 war flags over 7 weeks. 14 wars. 84 possible flags. You could opt out of 4 wars and still make it.

For raid tournaments, you only need to average 15 flags per tournament. That’s getting through day 3.

Literally the only challenge that has no room for error is the Challenge Event one. For that one, you have to complete all 3 tiers in both events.


I won’t complete it no idea how far I will get. It’s not designed for everyone to complete it. Like everything else in the game, Will I pay for the extra rewards by day 49? I prob won’t as I rather spend my cash on another deal.
Still getting free loot from taking part!


It’s pretty clear POV isn’t new or even mid-level player friendly, they want to cater to the spenders. Then again, that’s true for most aspects of this game. I’m fairly confident I’ll complete it to get the 4* mats, but I’m very active and have been playing for quite some time. I never miss titans, wars, events etc. The titan achievement is the only one I’m not positive of reaching, but as a last resort I could always merc a few titans to get there. I also haven’t done the math to see how many titans I can miss before I won’t hit that target.

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That’s sort of like my point.

We didn’t know we couldn’t complete it. Now we know we won’t complete it. So people won’t buy it next time unless the math changes.

I take the blame because I write like a moron, but that’s what I’m saying.


Can miss two a week and complete the challenge

I think that playing every day seems hard until you remember the thing I tell my alliance every time someone tries to say that they were too busy to use their war flags …

The fact is no matter how busy your life is, no matter what critical photo shoot I’m on, important funeral you’re at, 17 hour work project she’s engaged in - no matter how many games or dance classes you have to take your spawn to - no matter what, “everybody poops”

At its minimum, E&P takes 5-7 minutes once or twice a day. That correlates well to a really good poop or two per day.

Bring your phone, get your hits, wash your hands - and for the love of god and all that is good and holy on this planet, stay away from Ex-Lax. Nothing else in life has to be put aside.

You can do it. You just have to give a ■■■■.


Valor is for the brave. :wink:
Stay brave or die trying. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

1500 points less to complete it would still be brave.

Lastly one will be rewarded for being active and played almost similarly before even without getting sth.


Somebody said it before how PoV is divided in 3:
100 gems rewards in Pov is the low-level goal
3* ascension mat is the mid-level goal
4* ascension mat is the end-level goal

Which is a division I can’t disagre. The problem imho remains on the Titan quest that punish far to much small communities that would rather focus on the newcomers of the game, rather than going for steady and fast progress.

Tournament quest having a small margin to complete, goes to enforce the idea that you have to be an “end-game” player if you want to get a 4* ascencion mat. They are, after all, end-game material.

Path of Valor is another carrot that we’re hoping to achieve.

Anyways, I feel forced to re-summon my meme from a couple of weeks ago:


Like I said in the POV thread (where this is probably gonna get merged into?)

POV is simultaneously by far the hardest thing to complete in the game, taking by far the most effort and most punishing if you just miss one or two days in an entire 50 day period;

And simultaneously the thing with by far the worst rewards in the entire game; much worse than a 60-day period(because a POV event takes 60 days; 50 days event, 10 days rest) of:

Wanted mission chests, MYSTIC VISION (!!!), Alliance War rewards, Titan rewards, key quests, rare quests, Challenge event completion and ranking rewards…

Literally makes no sense at all, and I really :man_facepalming: at how many people actually seem to enjoy POV as it currently is, rationalizing it off as “it’s better than nothing”.


I agree, @bobiscool. It’s not that it’s achievable (for long time players), it’s the ‘carrot on the stick’ is the least desirable carrot they’ve given us.

If you tracked 60 days worth of any of those mentioned:

…and made a list of each of them, any of them would dwarf the rewards POV is handing even the paying players. And it doesn’t matter if you skip a day on those, the rewards would still be better.

POV has potential, but I think they’ll massively restrict who will buy the product going forward if they don’t rethink how they value their players time and effort.


What is with this word “punish” literally the only thing you need to do is log in everyday and do your normal duties that most of us were doing anyway. Only difference we get stuff while we do it. Not seeing how this is a punishment when before P.O.V. or season 2 or loot tickets and you had to pray for backpacks everyday from good ole 8-7 farming lol, that my friend was the definition of the word punish. Finally getting value for our time is considered punishment?? Very confused by this.


Yes, but minimum will not let you complete PoV. You are talking hours out of some days to get it done.


adjective: punishing

  1. physically and mentally demanding; arduous.
    “a punishing eight-city book tour”

This is all you can see.

I understand you want to see activity rewarded. I do too. But what you should feel, is insulted that your loyal activity is rewarded with pennies on the hour.

Like I’ve explained, the problem isn’t how arduous it is. The problem lies in the disparity between the difficulty and the rewards.

If they want people to really work at it, match it with equal rewards. Otherwise, make it easier. Either way works.

Again, compare it to literally anything else in the game and you can see the rewards to effort to ratio is severely unbalanced. I don’t know how else to explain it to you.

Such a huge amount of effort and activity should be met with equal rewards.


It’s still worth £10 imo if it’s completed
I look at it if there is 10 things on there worth a £1. There is.
You have the option to buy when you want it’s pretty simple.

Yes, except you have to do it regularly for almost two months. Some of us have a life, and will by necessity miss a day or two in there. If the timing is wrong, your screwed. There is no makeup test.


You are literally valuing your time and effort at ZERO then.

In my opinion, there’s something severely wrong with that.


You’re right, we’re getting something for doing the things we were already doing.

I’d say for myself, about 80% of completing POV will simply be playing as I already was. That extra 20% is effort. For some players it’s more. Effort such as completing a rare quest that gives you a 4* mat. Or finishing a tournament in the top 1%. There’s the effort you put in, and then the reward. The unforgiving schedule that POV requires you to keep doesn’t line up with the rewards. Big effort, little reward.

@Dudeious.Maximus Totally agree, and I think going forward players WON’T pay up front - they’ll wait until they see where their Valor points end up.


Wow you are confused
Go directly to jail; do not pass go, do not collect 200 valor points! :wink:

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