🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

That’s it, for the whole time.

And why we all sound a little stressed about it.

Yeah this is really a great way to get people to want to log in versus feel like it’s a chore. With the challenge coins, upgraded levels on the events, good job!! Now if they just upped the loot just a tad in the tournaments I think we could see a new all time high for players logged in. I’m very impressed and the price was totally fair.

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Totally agree.

I don’t get the angst over POV. It’s not as though it’s mandatory to participate, or that you’re going to get resources taken away from you if you don’t complete it. At worst you participate in the free path and get some extra rewards for things that you would normally do in the game. It will be very easy to get at least some rewards. Those who put in more effort will get more rewards. (You know… like in life and such…)

The only concerning challenge that I see is the Titans. But until I actually see that it requires my team to kill 50 Titans in 50 days, I’m going to leave the pitchfork in the shed and the torch unlit.


The complete a challenge event… that’s hard to scale if there isn’t that many challenge events in 60 days. They give 150 points for that ( I could be wrong) and that would pretty wel be it for the duration. So, really there’s only 5 if that’s the case

It’s been confirmed that it counts per Tier — so Rare, Epic, and Legendary each count as completing a Challenge Event.

And both Avalon and Pirates will be during this Path of Valor.


Super disappointing that the POV challenges aren’t scaled to a player’s level, today I’m only able to complete 1 daily since I haven’t unlocked Super Antidotes yet and not even close to unlocking Dense Fog map stages. Forget about the AW challenge since I don’t have enough leveled heroes to participate, and I’ve only been able to complete one Rare Challenge Event ever since I’m still building my roster. I was ready to buy the Valor Pass and hit the ground running, but now I’ll have to wait and see if it will be worth it since I’m still a developing player. Other games I’ve played with a similar “Pass” event tailored the challenges for different levels of players, but right now I’m just feeling shut out of really getting to participate in this.


It does scale. You can reach a lower tier of POV. As you grow, you compete at a higher tier.

Pretty simple.


Eh effort wise it’s nothin extremely out of the norm

Players complete challenge events, do summons, win raids, kill titans, etc without having some list telling them to do so

The daily challenges will be a bit wonky but nothin extreme from what i can tell


Perhaps we need a FAQ thread that we can refers players to for questions that have properly been snswered:

Where is dense fog? S2 7.2

How many tiers for the challenge quest. Just one of rare, topic, legendary.


I made a image that fits better the theme for the POV than the Perseus one:


Any reason not to just add those next to the info in the top post of this thread?

(EDIT: which I’ve done now)


Tell your people set to invite only’ this should at least thwart the dilemma you are talking about for a while’ but in doing so you will need to teach people how to recruit from different areas to try to still help them grow. With two years in and you said you are in line groups’ you guys should.be able to keep tabs with one another and help fill some vacancies

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That’s not what I’m talking about. What you’re describing are scaled rewards, I’m talking about scaled challenges. As in, challenges that a player can complete at their current level of play.

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Now I really do struggle to understand how some people seem to think the Valor Pass is not good value for money. Just to compare it to the VIP Pass which is often considered the gold standard in value for this game we get:

Valor Pass = 2 months of VIP pass so gonna compare the premium only rewards from 1 Valor Pass to 2 months of VIP.

Gems/Premium Summons

Let’s face it, most people are gonna be blowing their gems on one of the premium summon gates (Challenge Event, Seasonal, Atlantis, Troops or if they don’t know what they’re doing Epic Hero gate) so I’ll be translating gems into summons.

VIP Pass
1800 Gems = 6 single pulls at Challenge/Seasonal summon or 5 Atlantis Summons

Valor Pass
700 Gems = 2 single pulls at Challenge/Seasonal/Atlantis Summons +
2 EHT for 2 Seasonal Summons
30 CE coins for 3 Challenge Event Summons
300 Atlantis coins for 3 Atlantis Summons
and 1 ETT troop summon

Unless you are only interested in troop summons Valor Pass’s 10 Premium Hero Summons + 1 ETT token beats what you can do with VIP Pass.


VIP Pass
60 x Emblems

Valor Pass
70 x Emblems

10 extra emblems with Valor Pass

Loot Tickets

VIP Pass
180 x Loot Tickets

Valor Pass
15 x Loot Tickets

Arguably the one area VIP Pass wins.

Daily Summons/Food

Again let’s face it for most players the summons from the Daily Summon Gate is just going to be food so time to compare the XP gain.

VIP Pass
60 x Additional Summons from Daily Gate. On average this will result in 19 Common Heroes, 19 Uncommon Heroes and 2 Rare Heroes working out at 13,824 Hero XP assuming on colour feeding. A further 10 Common Troops, 9 Uncommon Troops and 1 Rare Troop will be summoned for 1,410 Troop XP.

Valor Pass
2 x 1* Trainer, 2 x 2* Trainer, 2 x 3* Trainer and 2 x 4* Trainer Heroes works out at 24,000 Hero XP assuming on colour feeding.

Valor Pass wins with almost double the amount of Hero XP gain.

Additional Bonuses

VIP Pass
2nd Builder

Valor Pass
(I’ll break the remaining rewards down into good, OK and junk)

The Good

1 x 4* AM
1 x 3* Unfarmable AM
4 x WE Flasks
1 x Raid Flasks

The OK

Food and Iron Bundles
Battle Items and Crafting Items
Item Harvestor

The Junk

1 x Avatar
Food Harvester
Omnia Harvestor
Recruit Harvestor

Now to get up to the 4* AM then you’re probably going to need the VIP pass anyway but if you’re C2P and you get the VIP pass plus perhaps one or two of the other cheap deals either at a seasonal event or the small deals that appear at Challenge Events then you’re best off cutting out those other deals and going for Valor Pass instead as it probably represents the best value deal going in the game – provided you complete pretty much every single task waved in front of you.


Yup, see the first set of challenges that popped up, scaled down just for beginners.

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I love the Path of Valor a lot. So fun and cool! :slight_smile:


I have never crafted Super Antidotes in my 2+ years until today :rofl:
You get enough of them in chests + I use the minor dotes now that we dropped to 10 & 11. Higher Lvl I used banners to override ailments or mana on Ariel to counter burn, so yeah, always a first. My Alt will cry, never even bothered with the research


@zephyr1 defeat heroes 3 is 200 heroes and 1,425 valour points


How long does the valor pass stay active?

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