🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

I’ve checked in against the game, and what I have listed is tier 1 — so it’s correct as originally typed.

Added, thanks!

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I’m confident that this is correct: Path of Valor Milestone Point Costs

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It’s Grimm’s birthday.

Jokes aside: maybe they plan to cycle emblem classes and trainer colors with each Path of Valor


at 50 days per path that is a LONG time to cycle through all lol…oh well, Miki is grateful. Just curious, being the emblem wh*re that I am.

I like the idea of barbarian emblems . I need for my Grimm

It is confirmed, that one tier of the challenge event counts as completion for the valor points.
I guess, there will be another 2 tiers for the other completions and maybe a fourth for all? It’s called “Challenge Event I” not without reason, I think.


Next Valor there will be others. :wink:

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One thing I think they should add as an incentive for FTP players to do the valor “quests” is to have a prize at every tier even if it’s just a few arrows or crafting mat, or even 5 gems, like mystic vision you always get something even if it’s small
Please post any improvements you’d like to see

Oh and today’s one daily chore craft big antidotes? I never even reached that item as I only use them when I have a stock pile from getting them free.


I’d support that idea.

If SG wants to only give so much in rewards, yet ppl want rewards in every level, would people be ok if SG redistribute the loot? Like level 4 offers 50 gems, how would you feel if it was reduced to 30 gems and then 10 gems were given for level 3 and a bunch of arrows were given for level 1?
Be careful what you wish for. People always want more.


I agree. As currently a f2p player (former very c2p) it sucks seeing the rewards I’m missing out on but it makes me more motivated to hit as many challenges as I can so I can get the rewards I have on my side. And I get hella annoyed when I get 1 arrow and 1 gem from mystic vision.
I’d rather feel like I got a nice prize for the effort I put in.

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I would strongly caution against this. I’ve lost count how many times how many requests like these have resulted in a worse outcome.

SGG will have set a particular total value on the freebies they are willing to give out for Valor Path and I very much doubt they will increase it. What you’ll get is the rewards spread thinner which may mean things like the 4* AM at the end being replaced with 3 other 3* AMs spread across three different reward tiers to have something in each tier.

Essentially they’re offering a loaf of bread and nothing more, all you will get is the loaf sliced thinner which will likely result in the quality of the rewards dropping overall. I echo the be careful what you wish for. In my opinion the free rewards aren’t too bad and I think the price tag for the Path is much better than I expected to be accessible to C2P. I half expected a £50 price tag rather than £10 based on prior experience…


How about bringing back eht instead of… avatars? Even if i was c2p i wouldn’t consider buying valor pass on that principle alone. You want to greedy and cheap? No problem sg/zynga, my wallet is firmly closed :wink:

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I’m not a cynical about SG, I think they could add some low level items with out worrying about devaluing in game purchases, and if anything as you move up that valor board and see the items you aren’t getting because you didn’t buy the valor pass might make you change your mind and buy it, hence a moneymaker for them

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You will be with more experience. If you haven’t yet got to the point of being able to craft Super Antidotes (Forge level 11) I’d respectfully suggest you’ve not been around long enough to become cynical about it but by time you get to about 2/3rds of my level…


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There should be multiple difficulty sequences. Player can choose one based on where there team power is.

Currently researching the big antidotes to craft them. At least the times make it possible to do it.

EDIT: I play pretty cheaply, mostly just the VIP. Since basically everything is done but food storages, I am probably letting VIP lapse, and bought Valor instead.

It would be nice to have free rewards at the off-levels, but probably better to leave well enough alone.

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check the store too…a lot of Barbarian love today…poor Drake 1 away from 19 is kinda jealous

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Yeah I had to go out of my way to achieve that as well. Feels like waste of dust since I’m always short on it from crafting tornadoes and medium Mana.

oh good point, didnt even think about that…if a daily grind is something i dont have researched :man_facepalming:

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