📘 [May 2020] Fables of Grimforest Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

The Fables of Grimforest Challenge Event is here!

Start Time
End Time
4.5 days
Reflected Color
:fire: Fire/Red

:world_map: @Mariamne’s Fantastic Stage Guide

:tada: @cap & @Mariamne’s Great Guide to Rewards

NOTE: Completion Rewards will be given even if the final stage is completed after the event ended, as long as it’s started before the event ends.

:woman_superhero: Heroes & Bosses

Boss Wolf – 5* – :new_moon_with_face: Dark

Red Hood – 5* – :fire: Fire

Rumpelstiltskin – 5* – :snowflake: Ice

Snow White – 5* – :snowflake: Ice

Puss in Boots – 5* – :fire: Fire

Gretel – 4* – :sun_with_face: Holy

Hansel – 4* – :leaves: Nature

Pixie – 3* – :sun_with_face: Holy

:game_die: Summoning Appearance Rates

Please note that Challenge Event Heroes are amongst the lowest odds of any Hero in the game. Even with a large number of Summons, you are very likely not to get Challenge Event Heroes, particularly 5*.

I highly recommend setting and sticking to a budget for Summoning to avoid overspending and frustration.

Rare Classic Hero: 63.1%
Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%

Rare Event Hero: 7.9%
Epic Event Hero: 5.7%
Legendary Event Hero 1.0%

Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

:money_with_wings: Analysis of Summon Appearance Rates

This table shows the cumulative probability of different Summon events, based on a total number of Summons (1x, 10x, 30x, 100x, 500x, 1500x).

Please note that NO occurrence is ever actually 100%; the 100% entries in the table below indicate cumulative probabilities sufficiently close to 100% that they are expressed as such for simplicity. All other numbers are rounded to the nearest 0.1%.

Occurence 1x 10x 30x 100x 500x 1500x
Get at Least 1 Grimforest Hero (3*-5*) 14.6% 79.4% 99.1% 100% 100% 100%
Get at Least 1 of Any 5* Grimforest Hero 1.0% 9.6% 26.0% 63.4% 99.3% 100%
Get at Least 1 Particular 5* Grimforest Hero 0.2% 2.0% 5.8% 18.1% 63.2% 95.0%
Get at Least 1 of Any 4* Grimforest Hero 5.7% 44.4% 82.8% 99.7% 100% 100%
Get at Least 1 Particular 4* Grimforest Hero 2.85% 25.1% 58.0% 94.5% 100% 100%
Get at Least 1 3* Grimforest Hero 7.9% 56.1% 91.5% 99.9% 100% 100%

Putting That In Perspective

  • If 1 million players each did :one::zero: Summons, 206,000 of those players would NOT get ANY Fables of Grimforest Heroes

  • If 1 million players each did :one::zero::zero: Summons, 366,000 of those players would NOT get ANY Fables of Grimforest 5* Heroes

  • If 1 million players each did :five::zero::zero: Summons, 368,000 of those players would NOT get a particular Fables of Grimforest 5* Hero

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So tomorrow will be a new Challenge Event.

So what do you think you will get? Which heroes do you like the most in “Fables of Grimforest”

  • Pixie
  • Hansel
  • Gretel
  • Boss wolf
  • Puss in Boots
  • Red hood
  • Rumpelstiltskin
  • Snow white

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Any new heros for this round of fables?

Nope. Nor are there new heroes for any of the Challenge Events.

They received their overhaul & additional heroes in 2019 :slight_smile: Just the Seasonal Events being worked on this year.


will this be the time for a trio of nordri to shine? maybe a costume brienne as well?

I personally plan on running through Rare:

Nordri -> Costume Gunnar -> Chick Jnr -> Gato -> Chick Jnr

See what happens with that.

Epic I’ll probably make up as I go… But will feature:
Grimm +15 -> Kiril -> Triton -> & 2 more

Legendary probably:
Miki -> Arthur +8 -> Vela +18 -> Ariel +15 -> Alice+7 / Grimm +15


Nordri/Mireweave/nordri/Mireweave :wink:

You just reminded me that I have By-Ulf but never used him before, maybe I’ll give him a go for laughs

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@Guvnor doesnt triton slow you down a ton? his special’s animation is unnecessarily slow and takes forever… although I guess you could avoid setting him off and use him for the tile damage.

by-ulf is pretty sweet for a few turns anyway.

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No Slower Animation than any other heroes. Besides, hit hits harder than any of the other blue snipers I have maxed.

Edit -> Other blue 4* snipers I have maxed are Sonya (+costume) & Captain of Diamonds… Still plan on levelling mireweave & grimm #2 (maybe 3 also) but just haven’t gotten around to it…


definitely slower. you have to careful not to shoot him accidentally if hes going to finish off a monster in a round- you just get stuck.

costumed kiril is going to be such a baller for this event next time around.

I have an unleveled captain of diamonds… not really sure whether to keep him or feed him…

Is it correct that we get ranger emblems as part of completion rewards in both rare and legendary?

I just double checked the animation speeds. Sonya & Grimm speeds are only slightly faster than Triton. CoD is much slower in his animation… I don’t see any issues with using him lol


Rare: first time with no healer so should be fun i think

Epic: wu or proteus

Legendary: i think i will be fine with gazelle but if shiet goes crazy proteus will save me for sure

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This will be possibly my first event I don’t choose Rigard + Proteus (other than ones reflecting purple).
For this I think I will be doing mostly:

Kiril / Miki / Hansel / Hansel

Not sure who for my 5th, I am thinking either Melendor as a second healer, or Grimm for defense down.

According to my last post, I struggled to do epic and legendary last time and I think I used a lot of items to finish them both, so this time with a better roster should be easier and more fun for me.

I really want to pull a second Pixie, and any other seasonal heroes will be a bonus. I have 2x Hansel, a third would be great and I would max him for definite. But I love Pixie in 3* events and in challenge events.


I can confirm we did last time at least:


Sweet, Lianna will be pleased.

Thanks for the reply.


I’ve been creating text versions of @Mariamne’s stage guides that can be posted in game chat, with this one for Fables of Grimforest.

I’ve tested this post using Bluestacks as well as copying it from my cell phone.

Because of chat limitations, this is meant to be sent as 4 messages as indicated. I hope this is useful for someone. Posting again here since this thread will be used more for the event this month.

Expand to copy into game chat

Fables of Grimforest
Reflected: :elementfire:
[#a569bd]BW = Boss Wolf
[#ff2508]PiB = Puss in Boots
[#ff2508]RH = Red Hood
[#4396ff]R = Rumpelstiltskin
[#4396ff]SW = Snow White
[#f4d03f]G = Gretel
[#10ff18]H = Hansel
[#f4d03f]P = Pixie

Element(s) for waves 1 & 2 / Boss stage in order
1: :elementfire::elementice: / :elementice: [#f4d03f]P :elementice:
[#ffffff]2: :elementfire::elementnature: / :elementfire: [#f4d03f]G :elementfire:
[#ffffff]3: :elementfire::elementnature: / :elementnature: [#10ff18]H :elementnature:
[#ffffff]4: :elementfire::elementdark: / :elementfire: [#a569bd]BW :elementfire:
[#ffffff]5: :elementfire::elementdark: / :elementdark: [#4396ff]R :elementdark:

6: :elementfire::elementice: / :elementfire: [#4396ff]SW :elementfire:
[#ffffff]7: :elementfire::elementice: / :elementice: [#ff2508]PiB :elementice:
[#ffffff]8: :elementfire::elementdark: / :elementfire: [#ff2508]RH :elementfire:
[#ffffff]9: :elementfire::elementnature: / [#f4d03f]G P [#10ff18]H
[#ffffff]10: :elementfire::elementdark: / [#ff2508]PiB [#10ff18]H

11: :elementfire::elementnature: / [#f4d03f]G [#4396ff]SW
[#ffffff]12: :elementfire: / [#a569bd]BW [#4396ff]R
[#ffffff]13: :elementice::elementnature: / [#f4d03f]P [#ff2508]RH [#10ff18]H
[#ffffff]14: :elementfire: / [#f4d03f]G [#4396ff]SW R
[#ffffff]15: :elementice::elementdark: / [#ff2508]PiB RH [#a569bd]BW


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