Hero advices for beginner

Edit: Round 2 of ascends - post no. 25 :wink:

Hi! I’m quite new here. There is my humble hero roster :wink:
First of all who from purple and yellow 4* should I ascend?
I could use some advice and ideas on building 3* and 4* teams. Who should I level up etc.
I hope I get some new heroes soon. TC 20 lvl is up and running. Also I have a plan to hoard EHT for next seasonal event and gems to preform 10 summons is some event in the future :smiley:
Thanks in advice and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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Rigard and Wu are the standouts in purple and yellow, Rigard for utility, Wu for Titans

However, you don’t seem to have any ascended threes; these are important for colour stacking and take less time to train. 3 sets of these (15 total) is a good initial aim. Gato, Bjorn, Berden, Kailani, Valen would be my next aims on that


Just starting out I would STRONGLY advise not put any resources into 5 star heroes. If you don’t have the items for final ascention, you are much better suited going after 3 and 4 star beasts. Melendor and Sonya and great ones to start with. Then focus on Wu, Rigard and boldtusk to get a 4 star rainbow. Shrubbear and Berden will help you a lot for 3* tournies. Good Luck pal!


I’ll give some rainbow advice:

Holy (Yellow): Wu Kong
Dark (Violet): Rigard & Rigard Costume
Ice (Blue): Grimm and Kiril
Nature (Green): Caedmon, Shrubbear, Mnesseus
Fire (Red): Boldtusk and Kelile


Good replies here already but you can also find some great information in the Players Guides section of the forum.

NPNKY has a fantastic thread, “All the things I wish I knew…” which is a treasure trove of information for beginners.

Rook has also made a master list of great posts for all kind of topics.

Best of luck!

Wu Kong and Rigard costume should be your top priorities.
Beyond that, I’d start assembling optimal titan teams. This usually involves bringing up defense downers (Grimm, Gormek, Tiburtus, etc.) and other attack buffers like Boldtusk and Kiril.
Void Strike above me is pretty spot on with his/her advice.
Early in the game you want to optimize your chances at solid loot (because its a grind and numbers game) and the best way to do that is build a solid core starting with some select 3* (having a couple viable teams for the raid tournaments and events, even just for completion rewards, is really a nice way to build a cache of emblems and ascension mats), and really solidify a backbone of 4*.
I’ve been playing for a long time, and I can personally tell you that you’ll still be using heroes like Grimm, Wu Kong, Rigard, Caedmon, and Boldtusk FOR THE REST OF THE GAME.
As mentioned above, 5* really can wait. If you don’t have a strong foundation of 4* (with some 3* sprinkled in, I mean I still EFFECTIVELY use a +18 Costumed Brienne on 13-14* titans, so there is definitely value in having some solid 3*) then you’ll be at a major disadvantage come war time, 4* or below raid tournaments, etc.
For now focus on your 4* and if you don’t have mats for them go ahead and bring up a 3* while you wait.


Wu Kong and Rigard, no question.

You’ve done well choosing Sonya and Melendor, they’ll stay with you right through the game.

For the longest time, my top single Titan hit used Brienne and Melia (Fish Girl!) as part of the lineup; it might have been a 2, 1, 1, 1 or a 3, 1, 1 lineup? Since then, I got a Wu after 1 year of play and haven’t looked back (not often anyway!)

similar question, can I tag on here?

I’ve been playing for about a week and I’m stuck on province 14. I have been playing with a rainbow team but my strongest green hero is a 3star trainer hero. I just pulled grimm (already have boril I have been leveling) should I make my attack team with both boril and grimm and try to level them both?

My other 3 in team are hawk moon, bane, and layla

You would be better concentrating on 3* right now. 4* take longer to max and will slow you down waiting for that. You can stack two 3* to replace the green trainer, which more than doubles the effectiveness of the stacked colour at the cost of getting 1-point hits for green.

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thanks for the reply! the only other 3 star I have (besides bane and hawkmoon) is gunnar, so you think instead of focusing on grimm or boril I should be leveling him?

I also have like 200 gems, my plan is to save until the elemental summon turns green so I can pull a 3* or better green hero to replace the trainer

You can also replay stages to gain experience and items, it’s referred to as farming and everyone does it. Do that yo gain strength and progress slowly. There is no “finishing” this game.


Honestly, you’ll be better off saving your gems for Atlantis or Valhalla. It cost a bit more but the season 2 and 3 heroes are stronger and you will eventually have a training camp to produce season 1 heroes.


Finish Gato .
Do bjorn and Berden .
They are good or excelent three stars .

By the time if you got all the materials you can max your first 4*.

I would priority a healer to make your teams sturdier for quests or wu Kong who would make your titan score increase … This will bring you more materials .

Summarizing focus on finish your three star , finish some 4 star if you get the mats but never touch a 5* star at least you already have a bunch of 4* stars maxed (15 or more)


I’m trying to remember back to when I first started (two years ago!). Gunnar is a great support hero with his spirit link but you need hitters to go with him. You’re currently using Hawkmoon, Bane, Layla, Kiril, Green Trainer? Substituting Gunnar for the trainer leaves only two heroes doing damage.

Who else do you have in 2*? Or keep working on Kiril and wait for a green.

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Yea exactly I was thinking grimm so I would have 3 hitters. I have a bunch of 2*, I’ve been cycling through and feeding them to level the 3s and 4s. for green I have brogan jenneh and needler.

boril rather than kiril but yeah pretty much. I’ve been leveling boril but my last 2 EHTs got me grimm and gunnar. so now 3/5 of my 3* or better are blue

Ah sorry, the other of Durin’s folk.

Boril is actually decent on attack with his riposte, and makes a really good 4* tank for defense. Keep him in the middle for attacking so heroes both sides of him get riposte as well. Gunnar and Boril don’t work well together as Gunnar’s spirit link greatly reduces the effectiveness of the riposte.

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I agree.

The map is not important right now.

I often run season 1. province 5- stage 8 (1.5-8), and 1.7-7 for days at a time.

Click for beginner advice

Includes important section on basic color stacking.

Until Stronghold 21, Watchtower and 1x Training camp level 20 are very important.


This post will also help finding good information and player guides.


I seem to recall my first Bold Tusk; I waited for 8 months (more!!) waiting for that elusive last hidden blade and at that stage I had all of 4 or 5 x 4*. It was dreadful and I thought that I would never assemble anything worth playing with. Fortunately things accelerated somewhat and now 5 days is pretty standard for speed levelling a 4*. :smile:

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