Guidance Please - Hero Priority

Hi all, been playing a few months now and starting to get some traction. A couple background points:

  • Stronghold 20, village fully built out with TC’s @ 20/13/7
  • I have spent about $100-150 USD so far. Mostly on seasonal specials for ascension mats but I’m also a sucker for flash gems to spend on epic hero/troop pulls
  • My alliance is not very active, we only get 4-5* Titans and most of the 5’s with reflect or offering bonus ascension mats are too stout for the (lack of) participation we have

Anywho, I feel my team is pretty efficient but I have a ton of good heroes undeveloped and was looking for some guidance in how to prioritize raising them. Wu is my immediate priority (although it kills me to put a 5* -Vivica- on the back burner in doing so). Here’s my roster:


Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Your next set of rainbow heroes I think you’d be best to level is boldtusk, Caedmon, Rigard, Wu kong and sonya.

Depends on your goals.

Finish Kiril and Melendor is obvious.

Finish Kelile snd the Zimkitty if you have the mats. Next in line in red would be Boldtusk.

Since you dont have a good tank finish Cyprian. Next in line would be Rigard.

After Wu Kong if you really want him first ( I hate luck based skill but thats me ) finish Chao then go for Vivica.

You have a nice rooster. Good luck.

Thanks guys. I admit I’ve been a bit delinquent in completing my A-team seeing how slow the growth is once you hit tier 4. Plus I’m trying to shore up some of these 4* peeps for some more depth in Alliance Wars.

I’m personally on the fence about Wu as well but I keep reading here that he’s generally regarded as the best 4* hero. Of course, I generally see downsides as opposed to positives, but I realize the math works out in his benefit over time.

So, this is clearly bothering you. It will hold you back in not getting ascension mats due to the low Titans.

There are many alliances that are active, friendly and hitting way better Titans.

And many of them lack for one or two players.

…including mine but I didn’t want to start that up :).

I’m guessing you’re probably mid/high gold tier right now? At 3/3 Zimkitha is probably plenty strong and effective for your level and for the titains you’re fighting. I’d work on Boldtusk before spending any more heroes and mats on her. You’ll see a real payoff when you have him leveled up.

You’re also lacking green firepower. So Caedmon is a real priority. Once he’s done, Kashhrek (unless you get a better 4*/5* in the interim).

For yellow I’d level Wu Kong and then Chao. With Boldtusk, Kiril and Melendor, you’ll have plenty of healing for a while. Vivica is nice, but you don’t need her yet. Wu and Chao bring some much-needed damage dealing to your team.

For purple, I’d level Rigard. His cleansing is super useful. Plus, you’re not spoiled for choice with other options.

For blue, definitely Sonya. She’s not a bad 4*, and she brings decent damage plus buff removal to the table. Boril just isn’t that useful above gold tier.

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Thank you. Yes, I typically hover in between Gold & Plat. I was going to fill out Zim’s 3rd tier before moving to BT, so I could swap her in for Zeline. No?

Also, what order would you recommend raising this “next-gen” lineup so as to be most interchageable with who I have now? I like to train all same color feeders at a time.

You certainly can do. If you want to do more in alliance wars, I’d say concentrate on your bench first. But with how your alliance is currently playing, I don’t have a strong preference. Also, did I miss your Zeline somehow? She’s not on your roster picture…

Wu Kong

That will boost your damage and versatility as fast as possible.

Oops, not Zeline. Kelile.

Wishful thinking I guess! :joy:

Lol totally. I’d make that swap any day of the week! Kelile is purely a hard hitter. Zimkitha doesn’t hit that hard, but is super useful because of the cleanse and damage buff. So they really do different jobs on your team. If you’re stacking against a green tank, you’ll want both of them on the team. If you’re going against someone who applies DOTs or debuffs, and you only take one red, always take Zimkitha along in preference to Kelile. But assuming she’s 8/8 on her specials, she’s probably plenty strong right now to do those jobs.

You should finish working on the heroes that you have already ascended to the final stage as you have already spend mats on them.

As for the plan for future development, there is no straightforward answer. It depends what your goals are. So I will answer from the standpoint of our alliance.

We prioritize Titan battles above everything else. So, we would recommend working on Wu Kong and Gormek as they are essential to increasing your titan scores after that Boldtusk.

If nothing changes in your roster when you finish those, then you can move on to 5* heroes.

BTW: our alliance is called The Headless Horsemen. We have an opening, and by the looks of it, you could use a change in environment. Check us out and see for yourself: The Headless Horsmen is recruting (Titans: 9*, war record: 26-9, cups: 1600+)

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