Newbie seeking advice

So…here’s my team. I have 2 rainbow sets of fully leveled 3 star team with an occasional alternate (with the exception of green). I have 1 set of fully leveled rainbow 4 star team (Rigard, Wilbur, Chao, Little John and Kiril) and I am working on building a set of a rainbow 5 star team (Richard, Heimdall, Joon, Sartana and Elena. I spending all of my 1 star feeders to keep building a 3 star army for wars and tournaments. I am spending my 2 and higher star feeders to feed my 5 star team. The only 5 star that I have the materials for to get to 4-80 is Richard. I’ve only been playing for about 2 1/2 months and I am willing to buy an occasional good deal. I need a set of rings for Elena, 2 mysterious tonics for heimdall, quite a bit for Sartana and Joon needs 1 orb just to get to the 3rd step. Should I change my focus?

I am currently attacking and defending with Rigard, Chao, Richard, Heimdall and Wilbur.

First of all , congrats on your great roster! You did a great job on leveling your heroes so far, very impressive.
There is only one thing that personally I would change: since you don’t have the materials to level up a 5* to 4-80, I would focus on 4* first… a fully leveled 4* hero ( and even better with emblems on) will be more useful than a 5* stuck at 3-70 for raids, tournaments, events etc. So, I would leave Joon on the side for now and ascend Wu Kong instead, he is a game changer for titans.
I hope that helps and keep up the great work! :+1:


Ok I really do understand the rush and excitement of a newbie looking to level a 5* rainbow team.
However, if you are in this game for the long term, you need to develop your roster from the bottom up. It’s much quicker and it’s far cheaper and as an example a maxed 4* is much better than a 5* sat at sat 3/70.
So develop 3 x 3* rainbow teams, then 3 x 4* rainbow teams as a starting point. These will get you the mats to fully develop your 5*.
For your 4*, I would focus on developing : Tiburtus, Mist, Wu Kong, Sabina, Brynhild, Caedmon, Grimm, Triton, Boldtusk and Scarlett.
And for your current 5* I would focus on : JF, Missandra, Telluria/ Heimdall, Sartana and Joon
Good luck


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