Team/Hero advice please! Thanks!

I started this game about 3 weeks ago. Recently there was a Christmas special for $99 and like 10k gems and some other stuff. I bought it. Used it all on hero’s…

My Teams a mess. I need advice as to which hero and which team and in which position… also which I should continue to work on which I should just save for later or not worry about at all…

If you’re only 3 weeks in, you won’t have the resources to level your 5* yet. Park them on your bench until you have 2 full rainbow teams of 4* maxed. This will let you complete all the rare quests, which give guaranteed ascension materials that you’ll need to max your 5* heroes.

Work on only one of each color at a time, and feed them with same color feeders.

Purple: Rigard first, then Merlin
Yellow: Wu Kong, then Li Xiu
Red: Boldtusk. If you’re able to get Scarlett from TC 13 or tokens, she’s good too.
Blue: Grimm, then Sonya
Green: Caedmon, then Melendor

Once you have them maxed, start working on your 5*.


I love you thanks so much!

Basically, I agree with NPNKY. But as you already work on Sonya 3:47. I would finish her and then Grimm. Overall Grimm better than Sonya but some case you just need Sonya. For green if you will finish Soyna, then Buddy instead of Caedmon.

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So from left to right Rigard Wu Bold Buddy Sonja?

For you team now I would run Soyna Elena Rigard Buddy Wu for defense untill you leveled other heroes to play around with.


I appreciate the responses guys! Thanks

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