Which heroes to ascend first

I started playing about a month ago and currently these are my heroes. I’’m not sure which heroes to focus on for further ascension, can you please help me decide so I can get a decent raid team? Thank you guys

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Wu Kong
Li Xiu

Spread your feeders on color and leave out 5* for now.

Wu for titans and just for being the one and only.

Healers first to keep your team alive against bosses and on the map.


Wow that’s a lot of heroes to focus on! Of all of these that you mentioned, which ones would you prioritize first, let’s say one for each color. Would it be Wu, boldtusk, kiril, sabina?

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Welcome to the fourm, Good to have some 3* leveled aswell I’d say 2-3 each colour depending on what you got.
Bt ceadom tibs chao boril is good to keep levelling bit of everything there. imo is to level one of each colour at a time.


Yes, they would make a tough to beat def team for lower cup amounts, too.

My list is also a bit of a priority order. In the beginning there’s a longer struggle until it becomes more comfortable.

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It really depends whwere you want to go.

Defense team :

Cademon - Boldtusk - Li Xiu - Tiburtus - Sonja or
Cademon - Boldtusk - Boril - Tiburtus - Chao

Leveling your heros depends a lot on the mats you have.

Can you take a 4* of every color to the last ascencion ?

If not I hope you hide a couple of fully leveled 3* heros in your roster.
If you dont start leveling the good 3* heros first. It is a lot faster and gives you nthe flexibility to stack heros on offense.

If ascencion mats are scarce level the following 4* first.

Boldtusk, Cademon, Li Xiu, Kiril, Tiburtus you will get the most use out of these 5 and they make a though defense team. :smile:

If titans are important to your gameplay swap Wu for Li Xiu and Boril for Kiril.

Have fun and best of luck to you! :smile:

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Thanks a lot guys, you are being really helpful. For now I have the mats to take Caedmon to the last tier so I guess I’m gonna work on maxing him out and try to take boril higher. I want to feed Kiril too but it’s so hard to level up 2 heroes of the same colour. Brand and Sigrunn aren’t helping me enough :sweat_smile:

Can see you have Leo, he’s also a decent hero but do max the recommended 4s first ad the others suggest.

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