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So I don’t want to start my Forum life with breaking any rules etc. So is there anywhere I can post my best 10 heroes, in order for one of you brainy bunch to help. I have no idea where I should be placing them, what to plan for and what to build towards. I think I just need a push really. I read a lot about synergy and flanks but not sure what I’m doing tbh. Any help as to where I post my lineup etc…

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Don’t worry, you didn’t :slight_smile:
I suggest you to still read the forum’s rules when you have time.

You can post a pic of you heroes even here below to be helped.

Skadi and Frigg are solid heroes to ascend, Hel is execllent, Vivica and Baldur are also good.
If you don’t have the resources needed for them to reach their 80th level you can still have them at 3.70 and not finding them underwhelming, just try to get their special skill maxed before hitting the ascension’s wall.

As first thing I would focus on your 4* heroes wich can go as far as 3.60 without requiring unfarmable materials to upgrade, a pair of healers for your everyday usage like Gullinbursti and Kiril can do the job very well.
At the same time try to level heroes that can equip a costume, they will be very useful for class trials, try to level as many heroes who decrease defenses or heals while increasing attack as possible.

Good job on ascending Caedmon, he is a solid hero :slight_smile:

You can find more useful informations and tips following this link:

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There’s lot of really good guides in here as posted above. All will help you get the best from your roster.

A couple of bits of advice from way back when I was in your place.

1 - Don’t neglect 3* heroes. They help you in areas of the game that will give you the ascension materials to ascend the bigger heroes. Getting stuck at the ascension wall is something we’ve all had. It’s frustrating so try and help yourself early. I have about 50 maxed 3* and that includes my free Bane from the start :sunglasses:

2 - In offence I will build a team left to right. Some heroes help others with buffs to them and nearby, others like Gullibursti just heal everyone. So a hero who buffs them and ones next to wants to have 1 hero either side to get the most from it. Now I usually play mono but currently I’m grinding my way through Season 3 hard mode. In this I’ll build out differently to try and maximise the specials. So placement is key to get the best from them all.

You’ve been very lucky to get those 5* and whilst they are great don’t fall into the trap of concentrating just on them. They cost a tonne of resources to level and a 2-60 5* may not be all that good. Your Bjorn is a great 3* hero, I have 3 of them ascended. 3* are cheaper to level and you can put emblems on them to make them better.

But good luck, just remember this game is a marathon not a sprint. I’m 2 years in and still have things to do on my base.

If i see corecrtly, you are a new player, so the best you can do is work on 4 * s. I know I know, 5*s are shiny and powerful BUT unless you can max them, a 4 * is better, especially when emblems come into play, because only fully leveled heroes can have emblems. So i would recommend maxing Gullinbursti, Grimm, Gormek, Kiril, Melendor and even some 3 *s like Balthazar, Bjorn and Mnesseus. If you get enough mats for a 5 * you have to pick very wisely as 4 * mats are really scarce and as a new player with few 5 *s you want to make most out of your heroes and mats. So if you get enough mats i suggest maxing heroes who are good for general use (raids, war, titans, quests, events). From blue, i would do Athena first, from purple, definitely Hel, green is Frigg, red is maybe Asterius but im not a huge fan of him as first 5 *. I would not max Vivica, as i see you summon a lot, so you will get Rigard eventually and an emblemed Rigard (especially with costume) is better than Vivica.

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Thank you so much guys. I appreciate it so much. It is really difficult to know where to start… You could spend weeks building the wrong things on a base or months levelling up the wrong hero!!! At least I have a starting platform. You can see my Team 1 - I am not sure if they are the right mix and not sure what order - I am reading about flanks and tanks etc but I seem to use the same team for most events. So last 2 noob questions lol 1) What is the best 5 and in what order? 2) Does MATS mean materials?


Mats most of the time means unfarmable ascension material

Are you in an alliance? If you aren’t, you should join one, especially with the Path of Valor having challenges that you can only complete in an alliance. Killing titans is also a good way of getting the materials needed to ascend your heroes.

If you are in an alliance, do they use a specific color as tank?

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I am in an Alliance - Hearts of Warriors. Not an awful lot of chat, so not sure. I just as many wars, titans and events as I can. I am on 24/25 war chests, so hoping 25 produces something. I just want TRAP TOOLS. The emblem part (Caedmon) is quite cool. Not sure on best path, but trial and error i suppose…

About emblems: there is no absolute best solution but this is what i do
I decide that what is the role of the hero i want to emblem. If its role is to deal damage then i go on the attack path, if its a healer who doesnt deal damage at all, or a support hero whom i use not for his/her damage potential but for buffs or debuffs i want then to stay alive as long as possible so i go on defense and HP path. You want to be as efficent with emblems as possible as they are expensive to give to a hero and even more expensive to reset and give to another. You can get reset emblems from the last stage of some emblem quests (not the current one, it has a 3* trainer), dont waste those. Once you get more of those you can be a little more experimenting, but for now, use emblems wisely and on the heroes you use the most. And always use emblemed heroes on your war and raid defense.

The teams, for each aspect of the game different team setups are more efficent. Do you know what stacking is? Its when you pick a color and use more heroes of that color. So for example using a team of 4 purples and 1 red. Its a purple stack. Sure your yellow, green, and blue tiles wont do damage but your purple tiles will be really strong. Thats what everyone does against titans. Stack the strong color against the titan (so against a red titan the strong color is blue, against a yellow, its purple and so on) and use attack buffers and defense debuffers, you will do most damage with the tiles, not with the specials so concentrate on tile damage.
On raids its personal preferance but i use stacking there too, i usually run 4 stacks with 1 off color healer. In most cases you want to stack against the enemy tank but sometimes its better to stack another color. For example if the tank is red but the two flanks are green, its not good to stack blue because its week against greens, so stacking red is the way to go or at least thats what i do. Bring healers to every battle, thats very important, not so much on titans, but into war and raid, its essential.
On defense, I prefer a rainbow team (one hero from every element), but some might use other setups depending on the heroes available. You should place your heroes to match their stats and abilities.

The TANK: Its the middle position in the setup. On defense the tank’s primary job is to soak up damage. There are active and passive tanks. Passive tanks do not punish the attacker directly if they go off (for example Vivica would be a passive tank as a healer), active tanks do (for example Frigg is one of the best active tanks currently in the game). The tank has to have high defense and/or HP stats to be able to whitstand many tile and special hits.

The FLANK: Flanks are the 2 positions next to the tank, they can be either damage dealers, healers or support heroes for the tank. Its less important for the flanks to be very tanky but dont put squishy heroes on flank position because they will die quickly. The color of the flanks are usually chosen based on the color of the tank. So if your tank is red for example, choose at least 1 green flank, because that way the enemy will have a bit harder time if he decides to stack blue against your red tank.

The WINGS/CORNERS: these are the positions on the sides of any setup. Wings are usually fast or very fast damage dealers. Speed is important because they are on the side of the setup, they are being hit less so they get less mana from tiles. Dont put slow heroes on the wings as they are not likely to fire or if they do it maybe too late. Unless that slow hero is a reviver (Mother North, Alberich, Heimdall), they can work on wings becsuse they can bring back dead allies.

I can tell a lot more about the teams if you are interested or need more help, but this post is long anough already, so i hope you find this wall of text useful


I will take advice like this all day. I was disappointed when I got to the end. The setup and placement of what I have is where I struggle. If you can look at my roster and give examples of ones that ‘work together’. I will take all the walls of text you can. So appreciated at this end. You can’t friend people or send badges on here can you?

I dont think its possible to Márk someone as friend, but if you tag me with a @ in any of your posts i will see it and can help. So i would first try and max Kiril, he can serve as a tank until you get Frigg maxed who should be your main goal. Caedmon is really good so he should be one of the flanks for Kiril. The other should be Gormek, but not the costume variation, switch him to the original, but max the costume anyways because it gives stat boost. Leave Hel and Vivica on wings until you get 4 * s in those color you can max. You can level your heroes faster if you focus on 1 hero at a time. 1-2 * heroes are for leveling up your better ones, dont keep 1-2 * s. 2 * s and heroes from the same color as the hero you are working on give better chance at improving the special skill. So for example if you want to level Kiril fast, you feed him 2*s and blues for the special and anything else separately.

On it Boss! I wish I had joined a more chatty alliance. I would probably have more help and/or advice then…

I’d also recommend getting 3* & 4* teams strong enough to beat their challenge events. That’ll help you get the ascension materials you need to max your 4* & 5* heroes later.

Also, holy hand grenades of Antioch! Frigg, Hel, and Athena!? Frigg’s the #1 hero in the whole game, and Hel & Athena are heroes I’ve dreamed of getting since the start! I hope you realize what a spectacular start you have! I’ve been playing for well over a year and I have some good 5* heroes, but not that good!

If you want a more chatty alliance, we’d be happy to have you at the Mandalorian Tea Party. We’re a casual crew that takes people at all levels. I think you’re likely to fit better in a more hardcore alliance when you’ve progressed further, but we could make a good temporary home at least. I like giving tips/answering questions. :wink:

You already got an offer as i see, thats great. Join them and they can help you get started, but if you have any more questions Im here, you can tag me whenever you like. Oh and on last thing dont let your shiny powerful heroes blind you and dont forget to level your troops up, good troops can make a huge difference.

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I was going to suggest joining a great training alliance as your first port of call with knowledgeable alliance mates. There are lots check out the Alliance Recruitment section. But helpful forum users have you covered on that front.

1*&2* heros are just food, so no need to keep them. As the others have said, you have some great 5* heros but first work on your 4*&3* heros as they will help you in tournaments and rare / epic events.

As for upgrading your base, max your SH to 25 - a great source of regular iron & food. Maxing iron & Food storage too early, helps tremendously.


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