Help and advice please

Hey guys.

Wondering if you could help me.
Am kind of lost as to what order to put my heroes in and who to concentrate on.
I made a big mistake in feeding Kashrek by accident.

Am looking at who to have as an attacking lineup and Defense side and who to concentrate resources on. Am short of feeders at the moment due to just doing a whole lunch of feeding.

Thanks in advance.

Here is my lineup…

To get you started and able to play most aspects of the game, forget your 5* hero’s at the moment, leave your 4* hero’s for a couple weeks, and put all your 1*+2* fodder into lvling a rainbow 3* starting lineup… Something like
Bane brienne karil azar and balthazar… This will get you a team to play map with rare events etc

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Then once they are all 3/50, a good 4* team for you to work on, grimm boldtusk li zu rigard caedmon

Wait with the 5* until you are (almost) having all ascension materials for it.

Of the 4*, you could consider BT, Li, Tib, Sonya/Grimm, Caed.

3* are much quicker to level than 4*, so depending on your gaming style, leveling a rainbow 3* team would help to have fun and learn the mechanics of the game while leveling the 4* team.

Leave your 5* hero’s until you have lvled 30 ish 3* 4* hero’s to 3/50 3/60 and 5 x 4* to 4/70… Lvling 5* to early just stops your progression and leaves you miles behind the curve… Im 3 months + into the game and I still couldn’t lvl a 5* past 2/60 which sounds crazy but the game is designed for the patient players! Concentrate on building your city, target stronghold 20 and training centre to 1x lvl 20 and 1x lvl 19… It’s a slow burner game but worth the effort believe me… Join a training alliance as soon as you can and enjoy

Thanks for the advice.

Am in an Alliance and have one TC16 now and 2 TC11’s. Stronghold is at 15 at the moment.

I had a feeling that is what people were going to say about the 5*’s…I have a bunch of feeders training now so will keep them going.
I’ve given up doing anymore of the map 21-3 at the moment…

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