I need help

If anyone here can help meI’d be very grateful I have no idea which heroes to put in what positions
( tank , flank ,etc )

I don’t know what those positions are when I go to edit my team and I have a load of 5 star heroes and I don’t know who to max 1st. Can someone please help

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Ouch, I can tell you’re lost a bit. :slight_smile:
But you came to the right place. The first mistake I notice is that you’re working on all, or almost all heros simultaneously, which is wrong. You need to go step by step - your 5* roster is great (better than mine tbh), but you absolutely need to finish 3 teams of 3* and 4* heros (3 times all colours). It will speed up your progress, and will get you an opportunity to compete in tourneys and events. After that you can start adding these 5* heros, depending on ascension mats you have collected im the meantime. I’m short on time now, so only this general advice now. Will come back later, and I’m sure other will provide you more details.

From 3* I see Grevle, Kvasir, Bjorn, Jarvur, Gato… Few others, that could be you priority atm.


start here: Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

then here: New Player - Need Hero Group Makeup/Leveling Advice - #14 by fight_happy

What helps a lot : find an alliance with players looking to learn like yourself Teaching Alliances

What I learned early to save myself headaches: don’t chase five stars, focus on growing a solid army of 3s then 4s. And don’t forget that levelling troops make a major impact on gameplay (level your troops before even getting to five star heroes).

Have fun on your long journey with this game.


On another note… if you are cool with spending money on summoning heroes please be aware of the invisible costs for all those five star heroes.

So you may wanna divert some of your real spend into other in game purchases like Loot Ticket and Trainer Hero packages instead of summoning more heroes,

I don’t know what level your food and iron production is… but I am seeing ALOT will be needed to level all those five stars.

Don’t measure your game progress on leveling heroes… do it on building your strongholds production capabilities (which feeds your levelling heroes leading to better performance on titans, wars and events. That’s where you will get the much needed and VERY RARE five star ascension materials in.)

And also measure your progress via XP which you will do farming:

That video explains how you get higher ROI from farming XP.


To see some of those hidden costs per hero, here is a handy graphic for 4* and 5* final level costs.

Note: You will have to pay both 4* and 5* costs for a each 5* to max them:


I tell newer players; put 5 heroes, 1 of each color, in a team. Those 5 heroes will always be near the top of your roster, easier to find and stay focused on.

Levelling troops is insanely resource expensive. I won’t take a 3 star past level 6 and my important four stars are all at +11 now, some stuck at lvl 6 too

EDIT: when it comes to 2.5 million in food for one level, it’s nuts!!

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