Suggestions needed for Teams and ascension orders!

Hello everyone, I am in need of your direction and knowledge on how to lay out the heroes for each of my 6 teams, and also which heroes i need to focus the order i ascend my heroes. Any help will be greatly appreciate. Here are the screen shots of my current roster and team layouts. Thank you all in advance!

You scattared way too many exp on way too many heroes.
Some personal opinion:

  • do not upgrade any further (on reverse, reset emblems) for Hu tao, and leave capt. of Diamons and Kelile be.

  • focus on 4* if you don’t have enough AM is the right choice, but choose one per color and only do them. I would suggest Kiril for blue (after Athena), Buddy for green, Wilbur for red, Ranvir for yellow, Proteus for purple.

  • do not summon any further. I know new heroes are appealing, but you have already enough work to do.


Thank you! Yeah I definitely have recognized I should have focused on a single hero at a time. My main reason for that was to be a little more prepared for wars. On leveling athena, my strategy has been to use TC for uncommon in blue and then TV lvl 19 to make extra fast heroes. But the food consumption for using 1* heroes from the extra fast training, leaves me always low on food stored. Should I only focus on uncommon training?

Great advice from @Elpis

I would add for training that you shouldn’t concentrate on “teams” especially rainbow teams, for war. Choose the best heroes who help with colour stacking, combinations and roster balance.

If you have set teams for war you are losing opportunity. I always choose my team based on the opponent and right combinations. Needs between various wars can also be subtly different - I like fast hitters for healing wars, healers for arrows, and mid utility for attack boost

So choose the heroes who are generally regarded as best all rounders (Elpis list is a good start) and raise them with single colour training 5 heroes at a time. You will have good war depth in a month or two


My suggestions for actual training order will differ a little:

Yellow. Take Li to next hold point, then start Wu, not Ranvir. He is quicker to train and more effective at 4/70 than Ranvir at 3/70. Ranvir is expensive and can wait

Blue: agree Kiril, but then Triton and Sonya. Stop training both Agwe and Captain. You could take Agwe to 3/60 but stop there, he doesn’t deserve capes

Red: take Mitsuko to 3/70. Then Wilbur would be my next priority - he is hard to build teams around, doesn’t play well with everybody, but when you get him right, he is awesome

Green: take Elk to 70, but stop there. Until you are much deeper in the game he doesn’t deserve tonics, even then maybe save them. Buddy then Gadeirus would be my next suggestions

Purple: finish Sabina as you’ve spent the materials now. I would have ascended Rigard first but too late for that. Next priority definitely Proteus. Don’t believe anybody who says otherwise, he is probably the best four in the game

Good luck


Wow, this is exactly the kind of advice I need! I do have a question about my war defense team. What heroes should i set for my defenders, and what would be the ideal layout from left to right?

First question. Does your team use matching tank colour? If so what colour?

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And sorry, I missed that Athena has been given final ascension so she should take priority over the blues I have identified

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I’m unsure what you mean about matching tank color. I’ve never heard that term before.

That’s a fair enough answer. Quite a few mid to high level alliances use the same colour tanks. This depletes the enemies strong colour and makes attacking more difficult

So clearly as your team doesn’t do that you don’t need to worry

Then you should be thinking about who your tank is to start. Most noted tanks you have are Kunchen, Mitsuko, and in fours Rigard and Li. Unfortunately none of these are in final ascension

I would build a team around Kunchen for now, and ascend him as your tank when you can. He is one of the best tanks in the game. I have to fight him all the time diamond raiding and he is a pain

For now I’d go Athena Inari Kunchen Lancelot Caedmon. That should work


The tank color matching sounds like an interesting strategy, I will have to look that up and talk to my alliance members about it.
I do wish I had kunchen on his final ascension, but in the meantime, I will run that defense team you suggested. I assume that would be the team layout to use for raid defenses too?

Yeah sure. He is your best tank

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