[Suggestion] Remove classes from new 1* / 2* heroes

[Suggestion] Remove classes new from 1* / 2* heroes

Leaving classes on 1* / 2* heroes implies there is a use for 1*+20, and 2*+20, heroes.

Even before the 1* / 2* tournaments were removed, the true level of 1* / 2* heroes made classes of little use except in Challenge event common and uncommon tiers ( never implemented) and Tournament common, and uncommon rarity ( now removed ).

With the removal of 1* / 2* tournaments, the Devs should also remove 1* / 2* classes.

Since this will cost SGG gems for resetting 1* / 2* heroes, it will probably not be implemented. But hope is hard to kill. I did try and summon for Tarlak recently.

Please merge if this is already suggested

My search Fu is weak.

1- and 2-stars are (fake) people, too! You want to deprive them of their class?

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No, they can still attend

“How to avoid being used to level Prisca”

“1* Troops are also just for leveling, but this does not make them your friends”

“How to cope with being a random loot drop on the map”

“Extra fast does not mean you are not respected in the morning”

“Proper packing of your Adventure’s Kit”


Only argument i can think of is if anyone still needs them for class quests

I doubt anyone does but idk for sure


That is a good point.


Not normally done in game, unless they add a new war/ tournament rule, but you can run less than 5 heroes in a team.

Most likely a moot point given level restrictions on class quests and the ways of obtaining 3* heroes

Giving emblems to 1* / 2* heroes at this point just generates gem spending for SGG.

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Agreed which is why i figured it’s an unlikely weightable argument but it id literally the only 1 i could think of so threw it out there for food for thought

Removing their classes is fine by me unless SG wants to implement a hero academy level that lets us churn 1*&2* into emblems for their given classes but with sale of emblems it’s unlikely


Beginners and intermediate players definitely DO use 2* heroes (maybe also 1* Sharan, idk). It takes quite long until you have five 3* or higher heroes for all ten types of class quests. Also Sha Ji will be used until a better healer is available even if someone has five stronger heroes.

For this reason I am against removing classes/emblems from 1*/2* heroes. It’s a feature that doesn’t hurt or restrict anyone who completely ignores it. However, many players depend on low-level heroes to complete their class quests and some beginners or early intermediate players might actually want to give emblems to their Layla, Sha Ji or attack buffer as they are still lacking the 3*+ alternatives. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use emblems on 1* heroes though, but I still think there should be the possibility to do so.


Are 2* heroes enough to cover the 10 classes?

20 2* heroes without aethers