[Suggestion,QoL] Change 1* 1.1 / 2* 1.1 heroes into 1* 1.1 / 2* 1.1 Trainer heroes, zero roster space for trainer heroes and EHT on level up or update Camps, and Level up, for all/new players [Catch up mechanic]

[Suggestion,QoL] Change 1* 1.1 / 2* 1.1 heroes into 1* 1.1 / 2* 1.1 Trainer heroes, zero roster space for trainer heroes and EHT on level up or update Camps, and Level up, for all/new players [Catch up mechanic]

With the removal of 2* Tournaments, and 3*+ heroes required for aethers, 1* / 2* heroes are effectively just Trainer heroes

So MAKE them X* 1.1 Trainer heroes

ALL 1* 1.1 from camps / Academy become 1* 1.1 Trainer heroes

ALL 2* 1.1 from camps / Academy become 2* 1.1 Trainer heroes

This change would only be to Training camps

Legacy 1* / 2* heroes would remain in player rosters

Level up

To allow players to reach Advanced recruit training ( RT10 ), replace 1x Daily summons token ( silver ) from Player Level up with 1x Epic Hero Token ( gold )

Leveling from Player Level 1 >> Player Level 2 rewards 1x Epic Hero Token

Catch up mechanic

This would fit nicely with letting new players catch up with Elder players by boosting Hero XP across the board without significantly effecting spend depth for costumes / 5* HotM / 4* ascension items

Roster space

Combined with

([Suggestion] Trainer heroes use zero roster space)

This would significantly increase effective roster space



Skill roll

This would Gorram Frakking Defecate all over Skill roll level up so dusting off an old suggestion


Change 1* / 2* loot drops at the same time

Free Daily Summons

Change 1* / 2* in Daily summons loot table at the same time



I started writing a post on this earlier this week, because it gets really annoying when you only have a few roster slots and you constantly have to go in and feed away 1- and 2- star heroes just to free up space to collect the rest of them from your training camp. I didn’t post, however, because I thought about the condition where folks let these feeders build up in their training camps over days, weeks, or longer so they can insta-max that shiny new toy when it finally drops. Does that create an issue where this massive collection of feeders is too large for the data structure used in the code to record a player’s roster?

As a former programmer (a long time ago), I’m thinking that the roster either has to be stored in some kind of fixed-length (and very large) array or something dynamically allocated like a linked list. In the former case, you’d theoretically have the possibility of overrunning the length of the array, our you’d have to dimension the array much larger than most people would need in order to (largely) prevent that possibility, thus wasting a ton of memory in defense against a worst-case scenario. In the latter case, you could have a situation where you literally allocate all the available memory on the user’s device by trying to dynamically allocate, even though that allocation is probably very short-lived (i.e. you are about to feed away most of the heroes that the memory was allocated to store).

Perhaps I’m making too much of this. If the data structure for storing a hero requires a negligible memory allocation, it might be possible to allocate enough memory (either up-front or dynamically) for several million heroes without taxing the user’s device, but without access to the code, it’s impossible to know for sure.

On the other hand, this may just be a QoL improvement that SGG has no interest in making because it plays upon the user’s annoyance to convince them to spend gems for more roster space. :man_shrugging:


Troops already store infinite X* Lv01, and X* Lv02+, so the code is in the client software

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I guess that’s true, but is it likely that we can accumulate 1- and 2-star troops as quickly as 1- and 2-star heroes? It seems to me that there is a difference in how likely it would be for those to accumulate to some theoretical memory limit, but there may not be for folks who farm heavily and (presumably) accumulate troops rapidly.

If technical considerations are off the table, I agree with the basic premise. One- and two-star feeders are all but useless for anything else after your first few weeks in the game. TCs could give faceless trainer heroes just as easily. Regardless, making it so that feeders don’t need to factor as heavily (or at all) into your roster limit would be a welcome QoL improvement.

For X* 1.1 heroes/ X* Lv01 troops, it just uses an integer counter


30x Blue 1* Lv01 Defense troops
Quantity, ID code = Two values

30x Blue 1* 1.1 Trainer heroes
Quantity, ID code = Two values


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350 gems

Also award 350 gems


Leveling from Player Level 1 >> Player Level 2 rewards 350 gems and 1x Epic Hero Token


For good public relations, retroactively give ALL players the level up gems and Epic Tokens

For spend depth, surprise players after Spring Seasonal event, and Spring Tavern/ Costume Chamber, closes since many players will immediately spend them and those are three summons you want micro transactions

Team slots, roster space, Pins, Avatars, Backgrounds, Name change, Start an alliance, Summons, etc.

The 350 gems, from leveling up, can be used for team slots, roster space, pins ( for pin codes ), avatars ( for avatar codes ), backgrounds ( for background codes ), name change, start an alliance, summons, etc.

Important purchases for new/ catchup/ all player accounts

100% limited availability heroes

remove Classic heroes from limited availability summons ( 100% limited availability heroes ) now that the game has sufficient limited availability heroes developed

see Challenge Festival summons

Important change for new/ catchup/ all player accounts


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100% limited availability heroes


([MASTER] Remove/ Get Rid of Season 1 (S1 / Vanilla) heroes from {X} summons portal)

Team slots and Pins

Pins and Avatars


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Legacy accounts & Improved VIP

Alternatively Add 3x Epic Hero Tokens per month to VIP

Give legacy accounts free VIP equal to ( Legacy Level / 3 ) months ( round up )

This would improve VIP for new/ old players, and act as a catch-up mechanism


Add engagement since VIP requires daily log in

Preserve spend depth by spacing it out

All players = every time gain a level = 350 gems + 1x Epic Hero Token

Legacy Lv100 player = one time +34 months of improved VIP instead of 35,000 gems and 100x Epic Hero Tokens