Red 4 stars

Hi, I’ve got a question about leveling my red 4 stars. I’m almost done with boldtusk and about to start leveling the next hero. Who should it be

Scarlett, Gormec, Kelile, Colen, Sumle, Shadereave, Mack or Rokkamush?
I have costumes for colen kelile and boldtusk.
Is any of those heroes useful in the later stage of the game? Thanks


I would go for Scarlett or Gormek, Scarlett is strong damage dealer but squishy
Gormek is hard to kill and have -def what is one of the best debuffs in game
Both options are really good to max now


Sumle / Colen are primarily useful when you have a rush tourney or war.

Shadereave is not a bad hero, though similar to Boldtusk.

Boldtusk is a hero that you will be using forever. You’ll want to max his costume soon.

Concur that Scarlett or Gormek are the most useful at this stage, however.


As you have Kelile’s custome, I’d vote for her. She’s a fast sniper, she fits both in defensive and offensive teams and her costume in bloody tournaments can be a nightmare.

However, as it has been mentioned before, Scarlett and Gormek are good options as well.

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Hope this helps with your decision.
If it was me I would focus on Costume Boldtusk first. After that it’s much of a muchness depending what you want and how you are going to use your hero. But for me Costume Kelile and Colen are a bonus. And after that Scarlett, Gormek and Sumle.

Whichever hero you choose good luck


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