Red 4* to work on next

Don’t have the mats to ascend another 4* red, I have Boldtusk @3/70+3, Gormek @3/60 as well as Kelile. My question is what red should I work on next while awaiting mats: Colon, Sumitomo, Wilbur, Scarlett or Guardian Falcon. Thank you.

Absolutely Falcon. The elemental defense debuff pairs excellently with Gormek.


Wilbur if you need assistance keeping your teams alive (especially for titans).

Falcon for his killer elemental def down for stacking red


OK Boldtusk already 4.70+3, great :+1:
IMO, Now next priority: Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, leave Gormek at 3.60 for a while, because you have Wilbur.


Bring both Wilbur and Falcon to 3/60.
That way, you will be able to use both when you need them.
Ascend one or the other when the mats are available.
Wilbur helps your team survive, so if you lack healers or have problem staying alive against titan or during S2, he is very helpful there.
Flacon will make your red stack damage skyrocket and hit new heights!

Have fun


I got Sumitomo and Colen before getting Guardian Falcon and Scarlett. Have Sumitomo 4/70 +10 and he’s pretty good. Colen to 4/70 and atm have GF at 4/62. Don’t have Wilbur unfortunately but I will for sure be leveling Scarlett next. I really like GF for the reasons mentioned above and I’m ready to see Scarlett’s fast mana speed in action. In your case I’d probably go in reverse order that I went :joy::joy:


I’d do Wilbur/Falcon first and then Scarlett.

Wilbur is insane on titans and makes Gormek obsolete.

Falcon is insane on green titans and combos really well with Scarlett on offense.

Scarlett is great on green titans with her high ATT and combos well with Falcon.

Wilbur/BT/Falcon/Scarlett is literally the best 4 red 4* you can have for green titans. Wilbur can be used on every color titan, he’s that powerful.


In my honest opinion I would work on both Wilbur and Falcon. Bring them both up to 3/70 and then decide who you want to max. Their skills are completely different


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