Which one should I level : scarlett/ gormek/ boldtusk/ kelile

Please advice which one should I choose to level for red hero?

Scarlett - currently 3/60

For information the others heroes in my team are :

Wu kong
Tiburtus costume
Melendor costume

I’d say Scarlett since your team is in need of a great offensive hero. That and leveling Boldtusk, while he’d heal around the same amount as Melendor, would just give you a team of healers and a team that keeps alternating between 30% attack or 48% attack.

A lot of people don’t like Kelile, but admittedly, that’s up to you if you enjoy her sniping ability. Other than that, Gormek or Boldtusk would be great additions for stacking and in case you’re able to use Melendor, Tiburtus, or Kiril.


Ordinarily I would say Boldtusk. But paired with Kiril… their special skills are redundant. And you already have two healers. So for your particular situation, I’d go with Scarlett.


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Agree with recommendation of Scarlett only because you have Kiril and Melendor. But I would also level Boldtusk as he is great as well.

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Id say finish Scarlett , do Bolstusk than Gormek, he at least you had Wilbur ,is a must hve for red stacking and titan and Kelile id bench her for a while
If you feel in the future you need more fire power or you are drawing in hidden blades then you may level her up.

Shes not bad but you have already your Scarlett to deal damage , titans and events/quest


Depends greatly on your playstile and spending habits. If you are a spender, you may as well wait a bit for Guardians of Teltoc or Atlantis, and pull either for Wilburg or Guardian Falcon.
If you are F2P or C2P, work with what you have. You will eventually want Bt ascended, but right now you need hitters the most. I personally love so much deff down, so I’ll level up Gormek first, then Bt (he is great, specially if you end pulling his costume), then Scarlet. Admitendly, I don’t have Scarlet. But for war you want as many deff down (that’s true also for variety on raiding and titans) and healers as you can.

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you’re never going to need gormeck because you will eventually get wilbur and he makes gormeck obsolete.

Scarlett has very high attack and will boost your red tile damage for challenge events. She can also be useful in the raid tournaments.

Boldtusk is the most valuable hero of your options, if you have blues and greens other than Kiril and Mel that you’re also working on, I would go for Bold.

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It seems to me you need hitters most.

Melendor heals well/debuffs and costume Melendor adds D boost to that as well. Kiril boosts attack and D, Boldtusk boosts A, Wu Kong’s REALLY boosts attack. I personally love costume Melendor and have mine at +19. Closest I have to a 5* healer. I would avoid Wu except for titans right now. I think you need what hits you have to count. That’s just me though, others play riskier and would say bring Wu.

Tiburtus has you covered for D drop and hit multiples.

It is between Scarlett and Kelile. Scarlett has high tile damage, hits 3, and drops A. Kelile has slightly less tile damage, hits one hard, and has burn damage to add to her hit damage. I do not think either option is wrong, they both have sound merit, but I personally would go Kelile.

She gets a really bad rep on the boards, but she is sound. I am F2P, so 5’s are unreliable to bank on getting and same with even event 4’s. I talented my Kelile up to +18 on attack path to make her a mini Marjana and don’t regret it, especially since I don’t have Marjana. Scarlett is squishier, but you do have multiple good healers to counter that. In my play style with the heroes you have, I would feel I am missing a sniper hero to just hit one target really hard and that would be Kelile for me over Scarlett.

Let us know what you pick and how it goes! Good luck out there!


With no doubt Bulltusk.


Disagree. Wilbur has a learning curve and takes some practice getting around that “free” spirit link you give the defending team. Fire him at the wrong time and you could turn a win into a loss.

Gormek is just straight up def down + some damage, there’s very little planning or thinking needed, just aim and hit fire.

I do agree Wilbur has more utility and is way more valuable on titan hits, but Gormek definitely has his place, and is definitely not obsoleted by Wilbur.


I’d level BT you will use more in the future

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@rho learning curve? this game is all about the long term and building up a roster for the long term. Wilbur is straight up better than Gormeck for being the red def down hero.

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Without the free spirit link I’d agree 100%. With that free spirit link Wilbur gives, I don’t think it’s quite as clear cut. Plus -44% for 4 turns vs -34% for 6 turns is also kind of a tossup.

Honestly, if I field Wilbur I use him more for the spirit link to my team than for his def down. I usually have a dispeller on hand to get rid of the pesky spirit link if need be since it turns snipers into AoE hitters, and that has proved fatal in a few cases.

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While I agree Wilbur is better than Gormek, if the OP is F2P or C2P there is no eventuality to Wilbur. I have beat Atlantis on normal and hard and have used all my coins with no Wilbur (no Proteus either unfortunately, but I digress). Realistically, probably won’t ever get him either at this point. I could use gem summons, but I prefer to try them elsewhere. Hence Gormek at +18 gets heavy use for me too.

If the OP is P2P there is more merit to deeming any none classic 4 or 5 hero as inevitable.

To the original post, it is a roster with a relatively light bench. Since they have a D dropper already in Tiburtus I would prioritize a hitter, which they seem to lack.

Congrats on having Wilbur though, great hero :+1:


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Thank you it really help with all these reply

I’m C2P player and don’t have wilbur yet.

Ya I’m aware that I need hitter, and scarlett too squishy. So I decide level up Kelile and after that boldtusk.

I love boldtusk, but this moment I got wu kong, kiril and mel.

Currently these are my 4* heroes :

Blue : Kiril
Red : Scarlett, Gormek, Kelile, boldtusk-C
Yellow : Wu Kong, Li Xiu-C, Hu Tao, Chao
Purple : Tiburtus-C, Sabina, Cyprian
Green : Malendor-C, Kashrek-C

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Good choice! Kelile is awesome! Gormek and Lancelot were my first red 4*, so I maxed them, but after them came Kelile. Now I’m working on Boldtusk, because if I decide to go mono red sometimes, would be nice to have a healer and attack boost.

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