Which 4* red should I ascend?

Hello everyone! I’m having trouble trying to decide which 4* red hero to ascend. Below is what I currently have:

Boldtusk (3/60)
Sumitommo (3/60)
Sir Lancelot (3/60)
Kelile (3/60)
Colon (1/1)
Scarlet (1/1)
Gormek (1/1)

I know some of them are not lvled as I recently got them but lvling is not an issue.

Who would be best?

Let me know if more info is needed!

He is great and much better than any of the other heroes you listed :slight_smile:



The others are either okay or kinda bad. Boldtusk will be a strong anchor for your team probably forever.

Boldtusk > Gormek > Scarlett would be my ascension priority order recommendation.


Tusk. It’s not even a contest.

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And then emblem his defense and HP, BTW. You won’t be disappointed.

I support the idea of embleming Boldtusk, this is what I have done, and I looove my Boldylocks.

Hi hi, on a total irrelevant sidenote, but I think you mean Colen, not Colon, Colomb, Colombo or Column :smiley::partying_face::kissing_heart::heart:

Boldtusk first. Then Lancelot if you still have more hidden blades. If not, you can level up Scarlett, she has a fast skill and high attack stat


Well, I have 10 hidden blades but I’m saving 4 of them for Queen of hearts final ascension once I get last ring. Was debating saving 4 more to ascend Marjan a to 3rd ascension as well, but I need a good solid 4* red as it will be a while before I can ascend her.

BT, then Scarlett.

If you pull Wilbur, move to front of the line. Guardians just passed but same for Falcon to front of the line behind Wilbur.

Lance, Kelile afterwards

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@ReapTheWhirlwind my Marj and QoH both been sitting 3/70. I wish I had maxed Scarlett first, will be better vs titans.

Scarlett is a great sniper, and can be very useful in the wing position.
That’s said I’d still go BT 1st and Scarlett 2nd ( she’s a bit too squishy at low levels, slightly better ascended.

Yup, Boldtusk first. If you get Wilbur, he’s second. If you get Falcon he’s next. If not, Scarlett. Scarlett is actually very good idk why people dislike her lol. Her attack stat is one of the highest in the game.

Another vote for BT, just to make it sure. Scarlett isn’t sniper btw, but her tile damage is ideal for titans (paired with Wilbur she both will do more damage and will survive long enough

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Thanks everyone for the input! Looks like BT for the win!

Another vote for BT… then emblem him as high as possible for a pseudo-5 red tank!

All the advice above is spot on. Scarlett needs fourth ascension to be effective, but then she is good, especially on titans

Boldtusk first always though. I have him at 70+13 in my defense with five stars, and I assume he holds his own, as I have no problem staying in diamond. His resurrection is better on attack though, as he can heal himself after

Another vote for BT he was my second red but the first red hero I maxed… still use him everyday

Boldtusk Boldtusk and Boldtusk 100%

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