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Thank you!! I will try that.

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for normal raid defense i would try this:
joon - frigg - krampus - sartana - baiY


for defense, in this order:

  • grazul
  • vanda
  • marjana

for attack,… :

  • grazul
  • lady l
  • vanda

for titan:

  • vanda
  • lady loki

my recommendation is, based on how much you will use the hero:

  • vanda
  • and if not, grazul


i would go like this:

  • before: lianna(normal) - jf - vela - sartanaC - joonC
  • after marj: lianna(normal) - marj - vela - sartanaC - joonC
  • after krampus: lianna(normal) - marj - krampus - sartanaC - joonC


almost got an ‘oscar’ nomination short one :kissing_heart:


and another one bites to dust :money_mouth_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :yum:


How i would do the magic tower blessings:


just saw 12 Mighty Orphans, wrote the Mighty❤️F2P

Help needed with clash of knights level 6

< go with strong greens
< bring 2 healers
< use antidotes anytime you get an ailment
< also at the end hit the bosses with arrows +/ axes +/ bombs +/ dragons

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Thank you so muvh!!!

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Next Red Hero To Level.

zenobia, for titans
zim, for non-titans

Hanitra or Neith?.

I would say Neith
Hanitra gets Malosi block or Chakk or any other heroes block and she’s plain a meat sack :wink:

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if you need more red attack for titan: yang-mai
if you need defense: hanitra

also hanitra s 2021 family bonus helps your team survive more if comboed; although hanitra and alexa seem too much on defense
probably devana and hanitra would work better with family bonus for attack, unless you flank them both behind a dark tank

Thanks for the comment. I’m overflowing in fire attack heroes and under-staffed in holy so that helps to decide. Hanitra would replace Devana on defence

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Hi @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS ! Which path would you put emblems on Guardian Panther? :grinning:


hey @Newbie91
i would use her for:

  1. titan
  2. raid attack
  3. maybe tourney tank/flank - mostly non-holy ones

so based on that: sword first - shield second; also lb-ed
and on node 19, mana if you have xnolphod, crit if you don’t; on vfast, it can help you if you have mana troops lvl5 only (not 11) besides your main troops


@Sarmale at least i have the log from 3 year ago. enjoy! :stuck_out_tongue: