Frigg as tank, Krampus on flank? Help needed in defence

Hi all! As f2p I’ve been blessed lately with a few good 5* tanks: Frigg, Krampus and costume of Vivica (not fully ascended, but it’s a matter of time). I dont have much offensive heroes so I would appreciate your advice which one should be mine center tank and what team should I play. Krampus is an obvious choice but his colour makes Frigg ulti bit useless. Vivica should be 4/4 in few weeks. Also I was lucky to pull out Bertille, so another 5* green is coming, but I don’t see her on defence with this rooster. Thank you for all advice.

I’d wait until Frigg has more emblems. Frigg next to Krampus isn’t useless because people aren’t bringning Red to a Krampus party, so Frigg should get at least one hit off.

F2P ? I think not . Maybe Cheap 2 play . Like you don’t spend much bit you not getting all those rare Heroes as Free 2 Play.

Do I hear someone being jealous? :wink: Of course it is possible to pull those heroes without spending. Just save EHTs for the Christmas event and Valhalla coins for Frigg.

Impossible? No. Very lucky? Yes

@Sion I agree with above. If you use Krampus as tank, Frigg would suit well in the flank imo.

Of course it’s possible to pull all those Heroes without spending . Especially Frigg :wink:

You’ll need a red hitter for tank.
Krampe & Frigg should be flanks.

Krampe tank Frigg flank is bad, since Frigg will be attacked by greens anyway.

Anzogh, Grazzy, JF, Gravey, cAz, Zimi, Vanda, Reuben, the red ninja lady & even Ares are good choices.

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