New-ish player just looking for help with teams

Hey all, I’ve been playing the game since January with some friends and pretty badly at that :frowning:. Now I do pay for gems every now and then and am very lucky overall with my pulls. I’ve only recently found this forum perhaps 2 weeks ago and you all are amazing. It almost always helps me with questions I have and I wish I could have been involved sooner instead of making an account today. I’ve read a lot it depends on your team composition to answer these questions and I finally caved because I want and need some help. So I am attaching the heroes I’ve come across with questions like should I upgrade my new Wilbur even though I have Isarnia? Should I invest in my Marjana now? I’m limited on Ascension items so I am stuck with the 5 stars I have in the tiers they are in. Should I continue to max out my Sabina or start my Proteus finally? I have learned so much reading here and have made so many mistakes these past few months. So any help is appreciated.

Here is a link with tons of information that may help you.

One other thing I will add is this…are you in an active alliance? Your alliance leadership should be able and willing to help you learn the ins and outs of the game. If they aren’t, I suggest you find a new alliance. The thread titled Teaching Alliances has several options, but I’m going to put in a shameless plug for MB Foundation, the new teaching alliance for Magnificent Bastards.


At this point in your E&P career, you should be almost completely focused on 3* and 4* heroes. 5* are sexy, but they require too many materials for the benefit they’ll provide you.

Can you link up your 3*/4* parts of your roster, as well as your ascension materials? That will help people in being able to give you good advice.


Yes and no to your alliance question. My friends and I started an Alliance, so we definitely dropped the ball there. We are the alliance leadership lol. Thank you for the link. Like I mentioned before, 2 months ago this forum could’ve helped me make less mistakes. Oh well, live and learn

Here are my items I’ve gathered.

2 months in is barely starting. You have plenty of opportunities to catch up. Find an alliance that can help you. Ideally, since you have several friends, you’ll want an alliance with room for all of you


Our alliance has actually gotten a lot larger. Mostly people that are not very active but we are all friendly overall. I started the alliance for just the few of us and now we have about 25 other newbies. most are active every few days or so but we aren’t a very strong alliance.

I’ve also been playing more actively since January, I downloaded the app last November. Still pretty new I know, but certainly well past a brand new player.

You’re very ascension material limited. Getting 3* heroes to 3/50 and 4* heroes up to 3/60 right now is going to be your best bang for your buck.

If you do alliance war, this will be key for you to have 6 strong flags anyway.

As 3* AM come in, you’ll be able to take select 4* up to 4/70. By the time you’re ready to work on the 5* heroes in earnest, you’ll probably have enough additional 4* AM to make it feasible.


Yes, we go through waves with the wars where players will participate. It sucks because we have maybe 20 people in the wars but only 10 participate or maybe 12 in a good war. We barely make it past 4 star titans because we only have that same 10-15 attackers on a titan. We’ve only ever seen one 5 star titan the whole time we’ve had the alliance. I will work more on my 3 and 4 star heroes though for now. I’ve been shoveling food and recruits into my 5 stars with little reward for sure. As I said before, a lot of mistakes made before I found this site. I fed ascended 3 star heroes because I didn’t realize how useful they were. SO I am trying which is basically almost at square 1 but only rarely get good items from alliance chests.


Okay. I’ll see what advice I can give you for now.

  1. You don’t have the ascension materials to max out any of your 4* or 5* heroes except for 1 yellow 4*, and that one HAS TO be Wu Kong. He will dramatically improve your titan scores. So focus on your 3* in the other colors for now. Do one of each color at a time.

Since I don’t know which 3* you have, I’m just going to list the best in each color.

Red: Hawkmoon, Azar, Nashgar are good. Jahangir is okay. Namahage is good. Squire Wabbit, in the upcoming Spring Event, is also good
Blue: Valen, Gunnar, Ulmer are good. Karil is okay. Gato is good. Other blue 3* are feeders.
Green: Belith, Brienne, Berden are good. Mnesseus is good. Hisan from the Summer event is good. Other 3* are feeders
Yellow: Bane, Kailani and Gan Ju are good. Melia is good. The yellow soldier from the Summer event is good. Dawa is a feeder.
Purple: Balthazar and Tyrum are good. So are Chochin and Gill ra. The other 3* purple are feeders.

Get 2 or 3 teams of maxed 3* finished while you accumulate materials for your 4* heroes. Then get 2 or 3 teams of maxed 4* heroes finished before you start your 5*


Alliance members that don’t use all their war flags and don’t hit the titan consistently are hurting your alliance. You won’t be able to move up to higher level titans unless everyone is hitting consistently. Same with war loot. You need to decide whether you want to keep the inactive players in the alliance or jettison them.

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Ah yes, sorry so my 3 star roster (what is left at least)

Red: Azar, (1/21), Namahage (2/2)
Green: Mnesseus (2/2)
Blue: none :sob:
Yellow: Melia (2/1)
Purple: none

I have a Sabina and Chao on the final ascension already.

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You’re well beyond square 1. Don’t feel bad. We all learned by making mistakes. My first 3/50 Hawkmoon got eaten by Zimkitha–because, hey, once I had a 5*, who needed 3*, right? :laughing:

You’ll find that because 3* and 4* go up so much faster than 5*, that your roster will look miraculously stronger in a few weeks to a month if you start focusing on them.

Best advice I ever got in the game was this:

Get 30 heroes to around 500 power in sets of 5 (work on a rainbow to maximize XP from each feeder). Then get them to 550 power. Then to 600 power.

When you have 6 3* or 4* heroes of each color well leveled, you’ll find that raids, wars, and titans become dramatically easier.


We don’t advertise our alliance either though. We would certainly like more active people, we just aren’t a great enough alliance to start kicking people out either. I have kicked a few people but right now our threshold is 45 days of inactivity.

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Okay. First finish off the 3* you have. If any of the others show up, keep them and level them.
Then finish your in progress 4*, one of each color at a time.
Ignore your 5* for now. I know it’s hard, but you’ve seen how many resources they require.


Thanks NPNKY information contained in the link is really valuable

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You are very generous in your inactivity threshold. It’s a double-edged sword … you may have a hard time attracting players who are looking for an active alliance, and until you get more active members you are going to be spinning your wheels on the wars and lower titans.

You may want to take a good look at your members and figure out what you want for your alliance. I’m sure you don’t want to lose the good, active ones who may get frustrated with the lack of progress,


Thanks for the input of course. I agree, it is difficult to stop loading people into my 5 stars. I’m not the only one of my friends to make this mistake so when we get together later today I’ll definitely let them know where we’ve gone wrong.

I’ll take each color at a time and give you some priority suggestions based on your current roster.

Red: Since Elena is almost to 2/60, get here there first and stop. Then finish Gormek to 3/60, then Wilbur to 4/70. Eventually you’ll want Gormek and Wilbur both maxed, but Wilbur first. Sumi can stop at 3/60.

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