Help me to build new war defence

I want to rebuild my war defence team. Our alliance center is blue.

I currently have JF - Sif -MagniC - Telluria - Sartana.

New variants are:

  1. JoonC - JF - Krampus - Clarissa - Lianna
  2. Lianna - Vivica - Krampus - Marjana - SartanaC

Heroes I have (5*):

Will do Krampus and Marjana soon. (Marjana will get rings next week, Krampus will get scopes next Frostmarch).

I prefer this one of the two :slight_smile:

But there is no healer( It is okay?

Healers are nice but I wouldn’t say they’re essential.

Vivica is also not a great healer for defence die to her slow speed… If you had her costume she’d be better but without it she’s pretty mediocre (at best.)

Okay) May you can propose another defence variant using my heroes (aside my 2)?

I like this:

  1. JoonC - JF - Krampus - Clarissa - Lianna

Krampus keeping everyone alive and then the flanks starts firing to soft upp the attacker with area damage and DoT. Next up is Joon and Lianna picking of the injured attackers one by one. I really like j-f also, punishing blue stacks.

This will be hell when flanks and wings starts firing.

You don’t need a healer, and also, Krampus brings minions which is pseudo heal.

I have all these heroes and this is pretty much what I will run when I get Krampus levelled. My only difference is that I will try to incorporate Odin as well. I started a thread about this which might give you some help as well, check my post history.

Another try.
Now my heroes are:

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Any limitations? Still blue tanks?

I’m still initially leaning the same setup as last recommended.
Joon - Clarissa - Krampus - JF - Lianna

  • I would strip the Paladin emblems from tell and shift them to Clarissa (pump her)

  • Sif could be interesting but… Having her and Krampus would make for a semi passive centre… Especially as JF is not doing any direct damage.

An alternative maybe:
Clarissa - Sif - Magnus© / Lepus - JF - Lianna
But for that both Clarissa and Sif need emblems.

Yes, still blue tanks.

Now I using similar layout Joon - JF -Krampus - Sif - Lianna.

Magni C is better than Krampus as tank?

I have around 1000 Paladin emblems in stock, so, strip is not needed. I just need more ham)


Why Marjana is better than JF? they are both finished now.

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I’d try:
Sartana-C - Telly - Krampus - Sif - JF
Sartana-C - JF - Krampus - Sif - Lianna-C <- leaning toward this

Sartana-C and JF share emblems. I will try it later.

Yes they do. In the past this was more of an issue. More opportunity exists to pick up emblems these days. Plus over time you’ll most likely change out your defense when you pick up different Heros.

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