A bit of help for a Newby

Hi all,
I have only been playing for 6-7 weeks. I am jealous of listening to all of you talking about multiple 5* heroes all leveled up lol. I have only 2 - Isarnia and I was lucky to get Onatel.
I am learning as I go, as all convos on the forum seem to be more for the advanced players than Numpty’s like me. eg: only learnt today I could level up Troops - DOH!!

I like Onatel (as she is the only Yellow 5* I have)

Some advice please…
So as stated I have Isarnia and Onatel who I am putting effort into Levelling up (although warm capes are hard to find)
So to balance this team I am using Buddy, Colen and Rigard as my attack team and my defense team is Onatel, Isarnia, Boril, Rigard & Colen

Others In my stable of 4* I have Boldtusk, Gormek, Borill, Kiril, Little John, Sabrina, Tibertus, Cyprian, Chao & Li Xiu

Can someone advise a good Attack team and a good Defense team please… and some other heroes to aim for
Thanks in advance
PS - none of my Hero’s are fully leveled up (except Bane 3*)

Hi Sarge, and welcome to the forum! I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to poke around in the guides section, but there’s some excellent advice there aimed at the new player.

This is a great place to start:

I’ll let other people offer you specific advice on rosters and teams, but my general advice is this:

5* heroes are really sexy, and they’re invaluable for end-game. But 4* heroes are the backbone of being successful in this game. It takes a lot less food and feeder heroes to level them up, and a lot less unfarmable ascension materials to get them to full strength.

As excited as you are about those 5*, you’ll probably do better if you set them to one side for the moment and concentrate fully on building up a strong bench of 4* heroes. It takes patience, but the rewards are pretty good for doing it.

However you ultimately choose to proceed in the game, good luck to you!


You have some excellent 4* heroes who will take you far, and I agree with @Garanwyn that your most productive course is to concentrate on them. The pinned topics at the top of this player’s guides section are invaluable, and when I was new I stumbled on @Coppersky’s Compendium which helped immensely.

Have fun with the game, don’t fall into the trap of chasing 5* heroes…(unless you have too much money laying around)

Ask questions here…there are so many awesome, experienced players that can help guide you and help you avoid some of the mistakes many of us made when we started.

Best of luck to you!


@Garanwyn thanks for that - I have already pegged this is a patience game and can be as fun or serious as the player wants - for me it’s a bit of relax from the grind of work lol .
Your advice seems very sound… my thoughts on building the team was a healer, one specific target striker with fast regen, two ‘all target’ attackers and then be flexible with the last team member.
I am at Level 14 on my stronghold and Watchtower with food capacity at 687 and Iron at 868k
I have seen people talk about stacking colours - I tried with Boldtusk & Gormek but hated giving away the green tiles lol
So all advice is welcome and I seriously thank you for replying and taking an interest in my ‘simple questions’

Cheers @LadyAnesthesia - and NO I don’t have money to burn lol -

So a question then if I use I have Colen at 3 Ascend level 33 and Max power and Rigard at 3 Ascend Level 16
Buddy at 2 Ascend Level 37 in my attack team - how should I shape the team?

I use Boril (2 Ascend and Level 28 for Tank in Defense team)

BTW my 5*
Isarnia - Ascend 2 Level 60
Onatel Ascend 2 Level 22

Thanks in advance

You’re on the right track with how you’re thinking about building teams. The jargon for single-target attackers is “snipers”, and “AOE” (Area of Effect) for all-target attackers. So if you see those terms, that’s what we mean. Your 4* bench is very AOE heavy, so using two of them seems pretty logical. @RandaPandah is a go-to person for detailed team advice though. I’ve tagged her, so hopefully she’ll stop by.

Color stacking is a high risk/high reward strategy. Tiles of the color that a hero is weak against hit that hero twice as hard as normal, and tiles of the color the hero is strong against hit half as hard.

So by stacking, you can really increase the strength of your attacks against some of your opponent’s heroes. The down-side is that if you don’t get many tiles of that color, you’ll have a tough match.

If you’re fighting someone much stronger than you are, color stacking gives you a fighting chance. If you’re fighting someone about the same strength or weaker, then a “rainbow” team guarantees that every tile is useful. Picking an attack team that’s right for a given opponent is an art, and takes a while to get really good at.

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@Garanwyn thanks for that - so let me try and see if I got this right - rather than just running into my raids with the same team each time - look at the team opposing me (especially if it’s stronger) and pit a more colour stacked specific team against them - I have noticed that because the raids are against teams designed by their user but run by AI - that there a lot of stacked teams with multiple healers ( I too have seen this as a good ploy - say like running Rigard and Boldtusk with Boril and then one sniper and one AOE)
Key as you said is patience and replaying to get XP and recruits to use as ‘materiel’ to level up.
I have gained some good insight into better strategy (and terms) by yourself and @LadyAnesthesia giving me some time
Much appreciated

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You’re very welcome. Glad you’re finding it helpful.

You’ve got the idea about raids. Tailoring your team rather than just running one team all the time is the way to go. There are a lot of factors to consider, that become easier with experience.

For instance: if the enemy had Sabina or Melendor healing, you’d have to be careful about bringing Boril or Cyprian on your team. The buff removal that Sabina and Melendor do would strip Perfect Riposte away, leaving you with little benefit from activating your special.

If the enemy had Colen as tank, then Rigard would be a better healer for you to bring on offense than Sabina, because he could cleanse the Damage Over Time effect that Colen causes when he fires. He’s also sturdier than Sabina, so he’ll actually survive if Colen fires.

If the enemy had Boril as tank, though, Sabina would be a better choice as healer because she can remove Perfect Riposte.

There’s a lot of strategy involved in picking a team, because most abilities have a counter out there. But you also have to balance survivability in there (Sabina is squishy, but Rigard is very sturdy is a good example). And consider damage output–which is where color stacking comes in.

It’s easy to drive yourself nuts trying to factor everything in. So don’t sweat it too much. Losing a raid or three isn’t the end of the world :slight_smile:. Experiment, and learn how your heroes and your opponents heroes interact, and you’ll start to learn what works and what doesn’t.


Honestly, I only have one 5* and only recently, since I hit level 25, have I started getting more 3* and some 4* heros.
I’ve been playing for a few months now. It takes time and patience. Even if you “pay to play” it is still mostly chance.
Not to worry, you’ll get there!
I’ve found, (imo) that it takes time.

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@Sarge66… Grats on Onatel!!! :smile: I concur with the others about focusing on your 4* heroes and level the 5* as your mats allow. I believe when others talk about stacking colors, they’re talking specifically about defensive teams. In my opinion, it is bad to stack colors on attack teams because you sacrifice one of the color’s power as you attack. However, on a defensive team, you have the opportunity to focus more on the special abilities of your heroes. Double up on heals like Boldtusk, add some aoe (area of effect) damaging heroes, and add one strong (single target only, aka: sniper) hero. It would be a fairly impressive 4* defense team.

As @Garanwyn said, read up on some strategies. @Coppersky has some really good advice out there on the interwebs. Check out this article for a good idea of heroes and their ranking. You can isolate defense, attack, power, and a couple of other filters. It’s loaded with Intel that will help you build a good strategy and solid teams. Good luck! :slight_smile:


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Thanks @Thorin42 - having done a little more reading I have started to concentrate on getting some heroes fully leveled up.
I have Isarnia and I have her at 2/60 but short of warm capes - she is a bit squishy and average speed but her skill is good
Onatel is at 2/31 - her hitting power in general play is good - I need to manage her better in raids and Titan fights
So on your and @Garanwyn @LadyAnesthesia and @RowanWatersprite advice I am pouring resource into my highest 4* of Colen 3/44 (at Max Skill), Rigard 3/28 (Max skill), Buddy 2/38 and Boril 2/30
From reading comparisons I have some other good 4* which I will concentrate on after the others are Maxed up.
Thanks again all and I will get on and read more especially that article you tagged

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You’re welcome @Sarge66. I made a couple of corrections on my post; I was tired when I originally posted it. :slight_smile:

Based on the table from that link, Colen is a bad defensive 4*. However, he is better than the red 3*, so if he’s the only red 4* you have, use him. :slight_smile: Additionally, he is the second best 4* attack hero, bested only by Scarlett.

One thing I meant to say on my previous post but forgot to because of my sleepiness… It is my experience that when a hero is great at defense, they’re terrible as an attack hero and vice versa. Speaking of defense, Boril is such a good defensive hero that he actually outranks a couple of 5* heroes for defense. :smile:

Regarding the table from the link I posted in my previous message… I’m sure you can figure it out but there may be somebody who can’t, so I will add specificity here. If you’re perusing that table with your phone, scroll up to the top and select “Hero Rankings” in order to view heroes by other attributes. If you’re looking at the table on a computer, you can choose the “Hero Rankings” button in the navigation menu on the left to accomplish the same. I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to reach out to me/the forum if you have any more questions or anything. :smile:


I was going to comment last night, but @Garanwyn did an awesome job breaking down and explaining everything, that I didn’t need to. :blush:

As for leveling, I’d recommend holding off on the 5* for some time. The 4* are where I’d focus your attention, at least until you get a few leveled in each color. Although, both Onatel and Isarnia are amazing heroes, they take a lot to ascend and level- so you’ll finish two 4* in the time it takes to finish one 5*, and 4* will be stronger than 5* til 5* hit 4T.

(Since this isn’t a photo of your roster, it’s a little more difficult to get this accurate, but I’ll do my best)


Red: Boldtusk is amazing for everything in game, so I’d typically have you max him first out of your reds, but leveling Kiril and BT at the same time (if none of your other heroes are decently leveled) may have you lacking in enough offensive power. So I’d do Gormek first for his defense down ability, then Boldtusk. Colen for defensive purposes and the high attack stat (4*).

Blue: Kiril is just as amazing as Boldtusk, so I’d have you do him first for that buff and heal. Then, I’d do Boril I spose for the versatility, and some people value riposte (I don’t, but others have found it useful), so he may be of some help to you (4*). Isarnia I would wait on until you get Kiril and another 4* blue maxed and have no other blues (including 3*) to work on. Once you get the chance though, Isarnia is definitely worth it for her high attack stat and lowering defense on all (great for Titans) (5*).

Green: Buddy is a solid hero, and the defense down is always a nice skill for a hero to have, so he should come first. After, I’d do Little John for that high attack stat and lowered mana gen (4*).

Yellow: I’d actually get working on Chao first for the fast mana cut on one (better offensively), then Li Xiu for the average mana cut on all (better defensively). If you happen to pull Wu Kong, move him to the front of the line (4*). Onatel can be really fun to play with, especially to have mana control, so I’d work on her after you get a few other yellow 4* leveled first (5*).

Purple: Rigard is an amazing healer, and the only 4* with cleansing, so I would keep with him. After, I’d work on Tiburtus for another defense down in another color (nice to have several for war, Titans and events). After, I’d do Sabina for a deep heal and dispel since you have no other heroes with that ability, I’d maybe move her ahead of Tibs if it’s needed. Cyprian can wait, you’ll already have a riposte in Boril, so I’d leave him til last (4*).

Eventual Defense:


Don’t like Tibs in the wings, but don’t see any other options. Don’t want to run two healers with BT and Kiril, so Boril is the only other option and he needs to flank or tank. Honestly, your best tank options (in 4*) are Boldtusk and Li Xiu. Onatel once she’s in 4T. You’ll want your most important heroes in flank to ensure they go off, and fast mana snipers are preferred in the wings as it doesn’t take much for them to charge. Al moves from left to right, so buffs, defense downs, cleanses and dispels should be on the left.

For attacking, you’ll just run whoever is your strongest rainbow until you can run more variety. Then, there’s color-stacking or tailoring your team to best counter your opponent. Impossible to know who works best without knowing who you’re fighting, but you’ll probably want one-two healers and 3-4 offensive heroes. Defense down + attack up is an awesome synergy.

For Titans, you’ll want to bring in as many heroes that are strong vs that Titan as possible. Always bring a healer/attack buffer and a defense down hero. Fill in the rest with strong or neutral colors with the highest attack stats (Titans are all about tile damage). Once you get Wu Kong, always bring him into every Titan fight for that tile buff.

Hope that helps. I’m here if there are any more questions left unanswered. Good luck on your leveling :grin:


@Thorin42 You are mistaken about stacking on attack vs defense. The big advantage of color stacking is that it dramatically increases your tile damage from the stacked color. The attack stat of each red hero is added together to determine how much damage red tiles will do. So if you stack two heroes of the strong color against the tank, those tiles will do 4x the damage (double for stacking and double for strong color). You leave out the weak color, which would do half damage anyway, and it’s a big net gain.

On defense, you don’t get tile damage. Your heroes do normal slashing attacks when their turn comes. The damage for those is based on the individual attack stat, so there’s no benefit to stacking. In fact, stacking on defense invites your attacker to stack against you and do 4x damage against 2 of your heroes instead of 1


Please help. I trying how to best spend 2 sets of warm capes(4 ea) I already have Grimm 4-57, boril 4-30, Kiril 4-36. I was planning on spending them on second Kiril 3-60 and isarnia 3-55 then I drew Thone. My other blue is Sonya 3-1. Do I stay with the plan since to use the first set of capes on Thorne it is 110 level away and another 70 for the final step or hold them for Thorne once my blue team is more levelee

All suggestions are appreciated. I now to this site so I hope I put this inthe right place


It is hard to advise as I don’t know what other heroes you have, or what teams you are working on…defense, offense, wars?

I would definitely work on Isarnia before a second Kiril, and before Thorne. I have all of them, and definitely use her way more…she is slow mana but damages all of the other team, plus decreases their defense by 44% for 6 turns.

I don’t usually work too much on duplicate heroes, I would rather work on new ones to have more well-rounded teams and choices for different situations.

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healer are very limited. Regard(4-6) Boldtusk(4-50),melendor(3-45),Vivica(3-55) and then my two kiril(4-38)&(2-60). Given Kiril attach/def buf is the resound I have a double short of startgin a whole ne boldy…

Is it may imagination that the tiles for the healer seem to be in short supply until it is almost time for the healr to die?

doesn’t Isarnia take beating and dies easy vs Throne? Maybe I’m not using her right

Thank you for providing clarity and perspective @NPNKY. :slight_smile: Now I have some new tactics to try out. Have a great night. :smile:


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Hi @RandaPandah
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you - have been travelling for work.
I have taken some screen shots for you, that way you can see where I’m at. Isarnia and Colen are waiting on acenscion mats (Warm Capes & Hidden Blades)
My current attack team is (L to R) - Colen, Isarnia, Onatel, Buddy & Rigard
My current defense team is (L to R) - Colen, Onatel, Boril, Rigard & Isarnia
As per your msg I have started on my 4* only team of - Chao, Grimm, Boldtusk, Little John & Cyprian (I am not convinced whether I should swap Cyprian with Tibertus)
Anyway look at my teams and any advice is always welcome. Also how to fire them once charged in Raids and against Titans would be helpful!

Cheers Sarge

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Hi @RandaPandah - since posting this I pulled Caedmon :smile: Was super happy about that!!
So if you could add that to your thoughts especially Buddy vs Caedmon

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