Next Red Hero To Level

I can’t decide which hero to level. Is there one that stands out to you guys. I’m mostly looking at attacking in wars and raids. I’m fine with the titan and Beth is staying on defense for now.

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I do love Zimkitha, her +attack and ailment removal is so value in game play.

I’m thinking her or Vanda since she’s VF with a costume boost or Khagan C for rush war.


Im Using Vanda with Zimk. Vanda is great but something is missing on her. Khagan is good hero indeed, Could U wait for s5 so if U R lucky to get some good fire hero U wont regret at all by using rings?

Poll for easy voting:

Maxed: Marjana (+costume), Elizabeth, Emelio, Azlae (+costume), Gefjon, Black Knight, Garnet, Santa Claus (+costume)

  • Zenobia
  • Russel
  • Vanda (+costume)
  • Khagan (+ costume)
  • Yang Mai
  • Elena (+ costume)
  • Zimkitha
  • Ares
  • Reuben
  • Other / Wait.

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I’ll guess the people who voted for Zeno didn’t read I’m not worried about the titan. So far Vanda C is winning

Zenobia is great other than the titan. I use her on defense

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I’d rather use Beth or BK on defense over Zeno.

I would typically say C Vanda. But with Emilio, I think Zenobia would serve you better.