Best 3* heroes?

I’m working on developing my 4* heroes but I want to build a solid 3* team for events. I know it is best to change heroes out for different events but i can’t max them all at once so generally what is the best 3* team you have found? I’m looking for a team that doesn’t just have the highest stats but who’s special abilities work well with each other and have decent stats so they stay alive long enough to use their special abilities.

What’s your best 3* team and why?



If I had to pick one rainbow set of 3*s I’d go with: Balthazar, Bane, Valen, Brienne, Hawkmoon. Three heavy hitters, an attack buffer, defense debuffer, and healer makes this a well rounded team that will work in almost any situation. Additionally they all have fairly balanced stats with a slight emphasis on attack, but none as fragile as Ulmer or Squre Wabbit.


What order would you put them in? And just curious why wouldn’t you pick Gunnar (blue) or Kailani (gold) for their spirit link ability?

Wharflord suggested an excellent rainbow team. If you put in either Gunnar our Kaliani, you’d have to sacrifice either Valen or Bane, which are pretty much the best 3*'s around in those colours (in my opinion). While spirit link have it’s use, I never bring it unless I triple on said colour, and only if I have serious problems staying alive.

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It’s worth it to train up Tyrum and Belith as well. For events that feature heavy enemy buffs, their dispelling can be lifesaving.


Like @Wharflord said a good rainbow team could be: Brienne - Valen - Hawkmoon - Balthazar - Bane
Use +ATK troops over +DEF ones

Pick at least one in that order (regular only):

  • (1) The one who buff Attack
    • :leaves: Brienne
  • (2) The ones who decrease defense
    • :snowflake: Ulmer
    • :snowflake: Valen (4)
  • (3) The ones who heal
    • :leaves: Belith (5)
    • :fire: Hawkmoon
  • (4) The ones who deal the most damage with fast specials
    • :new_moon_with_face: Balthazar
    • :sun_with_face: Bane
    • :leaves: Berden
    • :fire: Nashgar
  • (5) The ones who dispel, if needed
    • :new_moon_with_face: Tyrum
  • (6) The ones who increase your defense, if needed
    • :sun_with_face: Kailani
    • :snowflake: Gunnar

Bonus - :leaves: Friar Tuck:
If you need to double/triple greens you could put Friar Tuck near Brienne and Ulmer/Valen and fire his special with to fill their mana faster and have a better +ATK / -DEF uptime.


Green: Belith, Brienne, Berden
Blue: Valen, Greymane, Gunnar or Valen again
Red: Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani or Bane again
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Balthazar again

Slow mana 3* like Ulmer don’t live long enough to use their special moves.


Balthazar - stone cold killer
Bane - accuracy Debuff
Belith - heal and Debuff
Valen - defence Debuff like a mini Grimm
Nashgar - hit and ongoing damage


I do for the harder levels, where I am trying to do things rated well above my team power. And if you have an equal choice, Kailani has the better attack stat, so I would go with her over Bane.

By bringing Brienne you are buffing all your tile damage to heroes that are alive. I found in harder levels where a hero could be one or two shot dead, a good spirit link saves the day. For this reason I prefer the slightly slower completion time with a full team roster.

I like to order my heroes left to right in order needed for best auto-play. So apply buff, heal, apply debuff, attack, attack. Whether to heal early or late is optional often dependent on Riposte buff on enemy and current health of team. Move healer as desired.
Easy to moderate levels: Brienne, Hawkmoon, Valen, Balthazar, Bane
Hard levels: Brienne, Hawkmoon, Valen, Balthazar, Kailani

Levels needing dispel: Belith, Valen, Bane/Kailani, Balthazar, Hawkmoon
Or situationally: Brienne, Belith, Valen, Kailani/Bane, Balthazar
You have to bring either Belith or Tyrum. Tyrum’s damage is very low so I prefer Belith. So I would most likely go double healer or double green if it suites the situation.

On defense, similar line-up but usually want strongest defense in the middle. So adjust as needed.


Thanks everyone! This thread helped me a lot, I was finely able to clear out some of my storage of three stars. I eventually want to have a three star team/pool for events and such but wasn’t sure how to proceed. I used up some three stars I wish I’d kept before (Hawkmoon) and was too worried to pick and choose without research.

Now I have more room for feeder heroes and might be able to get back to color feeding instead of just rushing my current closest to 4/70


Well I’m now at the envious stage of having pulled two 4* heroes recently -Sonya and Grimm (he is my 2nd Grimm) and that takes me to four 4 * plus three 3* (all Blue). I am considering using one of my Blue 3* as training fodder but cannot decide which. The choices are Graymane (max 3/50 and 8/8); Ulmer (3/34 and 7/8) or Karil (3/10 and 3/8). I think that keeping Graymane is a no-brainer. The problem is with the other two - Ulmer is slow but is a higher level and is 7/8 in special; Karil is average, lower level and only 3/8. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Keep all 3. You’ll want them for alliance wars and for the Rare tier of Challenge Events

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Never feed leveled heroes. The loss is astronomical!! Both in gameplay and resources.


Ok. I was just thinking they would go to waste but I will take your better judgement. Thank you both!


No riposte, go AoE.
No cleanse, so Ulmer and Valen are good choices.

Heal, enemy bad state, buff, debuff and AoE…

Not sure about best but recently someone doing well in the tournament posted their 3* team


I’m recreating it lol

What I’ve learn from the recent tournament And rare event is a bench of three rainbow teams is useful

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LvL15 2* troops :call_me_hand:t4:

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And look at that emblems…


All really good information, I do like Kailani as she increases D and spreads damage giving time for my healer but you have to go after Holy tiles early. I have paired her with Valen, Nashgar, Bathelzar and the Green healer who debuffes. Also with Raid tournaments and some of the special conditions, I like have some of the AoE ones leveled for when they go to all fast mana recharge. I also keep around an Atlantian contingent like above. That evil mermaid chick paired with the green healer and 3 attackers would be a great team.

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This new Chameleon guy seems intriguing. Absolutely squishy, but hits like a Jumbo.