Def Team suggestions for a newbie

I started playing in October 2019. So I am farely new and playing c2w.
My roster isn’t deep and I need help setting up a good Defense Team for wars and raids. I will post a List of my 4* and 5* heroes.

My Idea of a good Defense Team for Wars is: Rigard, Poseidon, Vela, JF and MLF. Any Suggestions?

P.S.: My native language is german. Please correct me, if my english is unacceptable.

First, don’t try to max 5* heroes before you built a good set of 4* heroes. I think, you don’t have enough materials to max them anyway.
You have too many purple and lacks other colors.
Rigard is a very good healer. Have him maxed for sure.
Guardian Jackal too.

Do you have 4* in other colors?

What’s your 3* like as 3* makes 4* and 4* make 5*
Least have 2- 3 rainbow 3* teams

Sonya, Boldtusk, Buddy, Li Xiu, Merlin/Proteus


Sonya, Tibs, Tusk, Li, Caedmom


Sonya, Caedmon, Wilbur, Li, Proteus/Merlin (my 4 rainbow raid defense with Proteus. Unemblemed and always gets me an A)

If you click on the list you can see my whole 4* and 5 * roster with ascensions and levels.
I can max blue, yellow and dark 5*. Marjana is already at max ascension. I got 3 tonics to go for a green 5*.

Poseidon then and I’d honestly do Arthur before Vela. It’ll make your defense sniper heavy, though.

Ok. Poseidon, Arthur, Marjana, Hansel and Proteus would be ok then? 3 snipers, no heal but much mana control.

I pulled Lotl with a token. Is she at 3.70 better than buddy at 4.70?

My main overall advice for New players is:

Also a good read here:

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Obviiously there is a misunderstanding in my question. Probably because i can’t write it out properly. I already read all the links and know that i have to get a few 4* teams. I just wanted to know what 4*/5* to level for a good defense team. The ascension materials are hard to come by and even after reading several posts i am unsure where to put them.

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