Constructive criticism for these teams, please?

Team 1 is my all-around (defence/offence/titan) team. I adjust accordingly for titans that reflect same colour heroes. I have no other worthy bench heroes since all that’s left are feeders. I would appreciate any and all constructive criticism and/or feedback from anyone. As always, thank you kindly in advance!

The team is good, but try to replace Belith with Hansel asap and then level up Chao, or Li. I would go for Chao, because Li is only good for defense. Wu is awesome for Titans, Raids and Events but he isn’t good in defense, so another yellow would be good.
For the 3* team, you should replace Tuck with Mnessus.

@baron his suggestions are great!

I would add to it that I think you would be better off with Chao.

  • At this moment in the game for you, neither Chao or Li Xiu will make a significant difference for your raid defense results. It also doesn’t really matter, since you’re not going to aim for country or global top results yet. By the time you do, you will have better heroes. Li Xiu is better for map farming though, no doubt.
  • Chao his special deals more damage, which is useful for attacking in raids, special quests and events. Of course, a case can be made to favor Li Xiu over Chao when you’re facing 2 or 3 event bosses in the final stages. But that’s just very situational. I have been using Chao for over half a year, until I finally received Wu Kong. I would understand people who favor Li Xiu, but I definitely would advice you not to. #noregrets

So finish Wu Kong and continue with Chao. Leave Hu Tao aside, he’s only pretty much worth leveling to 3/60 once you do not have another yellow hero available.

Boldtusk is awesome. He’s essential to increase your titan damage and will do great in any attacking setups. Ascend him to 4/70 and then work on Sumitomo, unless you have received Gormek by then. Gormek his special, like Grimm, is more useful. I would also rather ascend all the red 4* event heroes (G. Falcon, Sir Lancelot), Wilbur and Colen before Sumitomo, because of the special skills and higher base attack stats (higher tile damage). Choosing between Kelike/Scarlett/Sumitomo would just depend on personal preferences to me.

Ameonna, well, New hero AMEONNA - what the heck does she do?. I guess you could ascend her to 4/70 since you do not have another 4* purple hero.

Grimm; definitely worth ascending to 4/70. Go for it. Agwe…meh!

Brienne is a fine hero, with an awesome story: Brienne and the Bear - an Empires and Puzzles fan fiction story :wink:

Basically, almost all 3*/4*/5* heroes are worth it until you have reached 30 heroes for your alliance war teams. In order to see what 3* heroes in specific are worth it, visit: Best 3* heroes?

If you would fight with a rainbow 3* team I would use:

Belith - Bane - Tyrum - Gunnar - Nashgar. It’s probably better to switch Gunnar with Mnesseus though.

I assume that team 1 is your current defense team. I would switch around the order:

Ameonna - Grimm - Boldtusk - Belith (soon Hansel) - Wu Kong (soon Chao)


Good choice: Hansel, Li Xiu
Bad choice: Chao (fast but very weak, don’t waste orbs on him)
Sumitomo: don’t have and haven’t fight against yet

You can put the same hero in many teams like this.

wukong, boldstuck and grimm are wonderful, you should use them for almost all your teams.

You should also up Hansel and li xiu.
Ameona should also be upped since it’s your only purple 4*

Sumitomo… Meh, up him only if you need to red 4*
Same for hu tao, not the worst but could be useful against 5*

what did the extra team cost? I am still waiting for the update…

@King_Nothing 100 gem for the sixth one. And + 50 gems for additionals one each time. You can have 15 teams max in total.

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